AP Biology Midterm Review

AP Biology
Midterm Review 2014-2015
Union Academy with Lucinda Supernavage
Format of the midterm:
 60 Multiple Choice questions
 3 Grid-ins
 4 short FRQs
How can you study for the AP Biology midterm?
Use ALL of the resources available to you!
a. Look over all powerpoints lessons on my teacher website
b. Look over all completed notepackets and handout from class.
c. Watch Bozeman and Khan Academy videos
d. Use your study guide!!!
e. Review the chapter reviews and key point summaries in your textbook. See
The following chapters were required to be read over the first half of the year. Look
over key concepts/animations/slideshows that were integrated in these chapters. In
addition, look at the end of each chapter which summarizes key points and gives practice
Topic: The Chemistry of Life
Chapter 2 –The Chemical Context of Life
Chapter 3- Water and the Life
Chapter 4- Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life
Chapter 5- The Structure and Function of Large Biological Molecules
Topic: The Cell
Chapter 6 – A Tour of the Cell
Chapter 7 – Membrane Structure and Function
Chapter 8 – An Introduction to Metabolism
Chapter 9 – Cellular Respiration and Fermentation
Chapter 10 – Photosynthesis
Be prepared to answer questions concerning these topics as they were covered in labs!!
Recall the following labs:
o Animal Behavior Lab (pill bugs and the scientific method)
o Enzyme Labs
o Osmosis/Diffusion Lab
o Respiration Lab
o Paper Chromatography Lab
o Photosynthesis Lab (DPIP reduction and Spec 20)
o Use the following websites to help you review the labs:
Review the following topics that require calculations:
1. Rf value
2. Specific heat
3. Chi square analysis
4. Using a graph to find values for rates of respiration and/or transpiration
Use slope of the graph
5. Water potential calculation
Solute potential ( ) = –iCRT
The number of particles the molecule will
make in water; for NaCl this would be 2; for
sucrose or glucose, this number is 1
Molar concentration (from your
experimental data)
Pressure constant = 0.0831 liter bar/mole K
Temperature in degrees Kelvin = 273 + °C
of solution
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