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Reuben G. Bass
6901 Environ BLVD Apt 6C
Lauderhill, Fl 33319.
954-817-0553 301-779-4351
[email protected]
[email protected]
Objective: Currently seeking a position in the Information Technology Division that provides an excellent working/learning
environment, with an impressive track record for professional growth, advancement, and stability. I am interested in
opportunities for career enhancement to the next succeeding level to ensure a competitive status with today’s advanced software
technology and new programming techniques.
Education: Currently enrolled in University of Phoenix Majoring in Information Systems (WEB) Technology. PGCC
Community College courses, and UDC courses. IBM Mainframe and Management courses. Oracle Developer/2000-2.5. Oracle
reports, PL/SQL, and Developer/2000 Release. 2: Build Forms 1.
Programming Languages Work or School: Dreamweaver, HTML, J2EE, JAVA, SQL-10g, XML, JSP, JavaScript, ASP, Pascal,
C, C++, and Java, both Object-Oriented, Classes, Inheritance, UNIX, Cobol, fourth generation languages, SAS, Access, HTML
and TSO/SPF, IBM OS JCL and utilities. Microsoft Office Project. Windows 95, 98, WINDOWS NT/4.0. MS Word,
Spreadsheet and MS Excel.
Relocation: Yes!
Sept 12-/- Nov 12
Perishable Clerk:
(45%) - Cut and/or package authorized beef, pork and poultry items according to Save-A-Lot policies and procedures. Ensure
that displays and case signs are updated appropriately. Maintain proper date rotation for dated products, and for undated products
per Save-A-Lot policy. Fill and maintain cases of smoked meats and frozen foods according to Store Managements’ instructions.
Communicate with customers in a friendly and efficient manner. (Performance standards may vary across operating companies.)
(45%) - Trim and package authorized Fresh Produce according to company guidelines and policies. Properly display and backstock produce according to company guidelines and policy. Stock product on platforms, shelving, peg hooks and in baskets or
refrigerated cases as needed. Handle equipment to move stock as needed. Also responsible for clean, inspect, maintaining a safe
and working environment. Responsibilities include assisting with unloading delivery truck.
The Florida WAVE (Web Access Virtual E-commerce)
Mar 08 -/- Present
Web Developer & Consultant:
Meet with Clients listen to their ideas, and gather information from them to support their web sites. Designing web sites that are
content appropriate, and safe for all viewers. There will always be the need to work on complex problems, troubleshoot, and
analyze all web situations, and at times communicate any issues back to technical, and non-technical Clients about resolutions or
issues. When needed the day to day functions are to update, modify, and to test web sites periodically for functionality purposes.
These tasks are usually performed using ASP.Net, Content Management CMS - Dreamweaver, HTML, XML, CSS, SQL
development with MS SQL Server, JavaScript’s. Other duties come into play assisting with Web browser issues, Laptop, and
desktop complaints, installing printers, along with print issues. Knowledge of installation of modems, wireless routers, virus
protections, rebuilding computers, or reformatting hard drives. I train Users how to use IT equipment. Installing Microsoft
service packs, and all other updates. On call to support the clients anytime as deadlines are kept. I assist freelancer Web
Developers as well. I believe in building User, and Customer loyalty.
District of Columbia Public Schools (D.C.P.S.)
Aug 04 -/- Mar 08
Web & Software Developer Specialist / DC STARS: As an GS-11 responsible for using decision making and problem solving
proficiency techniques as a Web developer included the use of using dynamic programming tools of Dreamweaver, HTML,
JavaScript’s, CSS & the use of Web Content Management system to keep the web site proficiently up without any downtime, or
malfunctions. The need to work independently or with a team to endure the Web applications, and services for both K12 Web
site, and the DCSTARS student application web site. Also involved with planning the directions, coordinating and the designs of
the both web sites. There was a need to be involved in meetings to discuss if content was appropriate for all viewers.
Periodically would refresh the Web site so all inner pages were up to date for all other Developers. There was a need to be
involved in with installations, configuration, testing, troubleshooting, system analysis, and maintenance of both web sites. There
was a need to support end users, devices, peripherals, servers and networks monitoring. As a GS-09 perform (SAN) Storage
Area Networks applications functions using HP SAN peripherals, storage and other devices such as servers, printers, and
backups, and offsite storage strategies. I believe in building User, and Customer loyalty.
Prince George's County Gov. MD (Election, OITC)
Sept 00 -/- Dec 02
Senior Systems Analyst 2: Using leadership to supervised three employees, also configured and set up user Novell and Outlook
profiles; There were decision to determined user’s access rights, security levels, and appropriate workgroups; Using problem
solving to repair computer systems hardware, and image PCs, if necessary; Served as trouble analyzer for Novell network
software and desktop, or other operating system problems; Provided technical service to all agencies throughout the County,
monitoring their PCs, and performing preventive maintenance to extend the life cycle to their operating systems; Established
work plans for each phase of incoming trouble tickets to better serve the agency, as they served the County; Identified task
assignments of internal and contractor personnel; Provided training, as needed, to agency personnel on PC software or
hardware; Prepared Status Reports to the OITC Manager and Contract Manager. Displayed the ability to handle difficult
customers and problems in an effective way. I believe in building User, and Customer loyalty.
OAO Consulting
July 95- Sept 00 (Prince George's Courthouse, Dept. of Corrections, and Sheriff Dept.)
Application Programmer 2: Using leadership for the direction of the Case Management Systems to performed testing,
maintenance, enhancements, designing, coding, debugging preparation of detailed documentation, and modifying procedures to
problems solve programs. Under my leadership to provided CMS, and online CICS support systems and batch jobs; Also
provided problem solving assistance to production control and operations personnel to solve production problems, which could
have resulted in after hours callbacks; My leadership was used as to design instruction guidelines for operators to follow when
running production; Handled considerable pressure to meet production deadlines; Involved with data conversion and
maintenance of legacy systems; Resolved difficult customer and computer system problems in an effective manner. I believe in
building User, and Customer loyalty.
KCM Computer Consulting (Prince George's County)
Sept 94-June-95
Computer Operator: IBM Mainframe - OS/390/9672-MVS/ESA. Input/output device laser printers, 3420/3480 magnetic tape
drives. Monitor the system console; mount tapes using Jes2&3. Handle CICS Mainframe Applications prepare backup tapes for
offsite. Also Ipled the system as a Computer Operator and other duties. I believe in building User, and Customer loyalty.
Automated Information Management (Dept. of State)
May 90-Aug 94
Computer Operator: IBM environment consist of 3090/600 IBM Mainframe, and 3380/ DASD with 3745/3725 processor.
Duties include backups, CICS, M/204. Monitor the system, usage of JCL/TSO/ISPF/PDF. Netview, CA-1,CA7,MVS/XA/VM/ESA-9000 Test. Also ipled the system on the weekend. Xerox printer’s 9790/9700/4235 and PC. I believe in
building User, and Customer loyalty.
Woodward & Lothrop (H.Q.)
Nov 88-May 90
Computer Operator: 3090 IBM Mainframe MVS/XA system, 3380/DASD. Report distribution, and mail machine.
Input/output device laser printers, 3420/3480 magnetic tape drives. Monitor console using Jes2&3. Handle applications CICS,
Wylbur, Roscoe, and VTAM. Printed checks, use of Storagetek Robotics function. Xerox printer NCR. I believe in building
User, and Customer loyalty.
The Hecht Company (Sub-H.Q.)
Aug 87-Oct 88
Jr. Computer Operator: Separating reports from main Data Center, and distribution to
various departments’ agencies, in the company. Answered the telephone handle Executives request and other employees
concerning reports, or checks. Printed the billing cycle on impact printers, and other jobs on the Xerox 9700 using Jes2
commands, printing large volumes of employee’s checks, and also inserting dumps. This was done using the Tandem System.
CLEARANCE: Held Government, Dept of State (Top Secret) 5/90-9/96 Inactive SSBI.
CLEARANCE: Washington, D.C. Police Clearance 8/94.
Fernando Galup
Seju Shastry
Vanessa Harrison
Roszell Elam
Margret Hawkins
Marcus McCall
Wayne Oneal
Rodney Richarson
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Lead DC STARS Application (202) 442-5555
Training DC STARS
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Training DC STARS
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