23.1 Plant Tissues Worksheet

23.1 Specialized Tissues in Plants
BUILD Understanding
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Tissues in Plants
are related to
are related to
Plant Growth
and Meristems
Seed Plant
Seed Plant Structure
The cells of seed plants are organized into different tissues and organs. The three main plant
organs are roots, stems, and leaves.
Answer the questions.
1. The principal organs in which plants carry out photosynthesis are the
2. Circle the letter of each sentence that is true about a function of a root.
A. They anchor plants in the ground.
B. They compete with other plants for sunlight.
C. They hold plants upright.
D. They absorb water and nutrients from the soil.
Plant Tissue Systems
Dermal Tissue Dermal tissue is the protective outer covering of a plant. Dermal tissue covers
all parts of the roots, stems, and leaves.
Answer the questions.
3. What is the function of the cuticle?
A. It protects against water loss and injury.
B. It supports the plant body.
C. It transports nutrients throughout the plant.
D. It helps plants absorb water.
Plant Tissue Systems
Plants have three primary types of tissue: dermal tissue, ground tissue, and vascular tissue.
Follow the directions.
1. Identify each type of tissue listed in the table. Use the terms below.
dermal tissue
ground tissue
vascular tissue
protects plant, aids in water
absorption in roots, regulates
water loss and gas exchange
in leaves
conducts water and other
materials through the plant
site of most photosynthesis;
helps support plants
Answer the questions.
2. What type of tissue are xylem and phloem? Circle the correct answer.
dermal tissue
vascular tissue
ground tissue
3. What does ground tissue produce and store? Circle the correct answer.
4. Which is not characteristic of a plant’s vascular tissue?
A. It transports water and food inside the plant.
B. It supports the plant’s stems and leaves.
C. It positions the plant’s leaves closer to the sun.
D. It transports egg and sperm cells for reproduction.
5. The cells that are between dermal and vascular tissue make up what kind of tissue?
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