Levels of Organization Concept map assignment

Levels of Organization (Cells to Organism) Concept Map (50 pts.)
Assignment: Draw a concept map diagram that explains the levels of
organization of an organism as well as the four types of tissues.
The map should contain:
Nodes: include a minimum of 12 nodes (boxes, bubbles, etc.) for Phase 3, 10
nodes for Phase 2, or 8 nodes for Phase 1 (50% reduction=6 nodes)
Connectors: (arrows, lines, or other connecting indicators) These should show
the relationship between the nodes/boxes in the concept map.
Descriptors: (text explanations on connectors/nodes). These should explain the
connections between nodes or explain how the nodes are related.
Level of Life Organization: This concept map should explain all five levels of
organization: Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems, and Organism using a graphic
organizer format, words, and pictures.
Types of Tissues: It should also show all four types of tissues and an
EXAMPLE of each:
a. epithelial
b. connective
c. muscle
d. nerve
Organs: It should give examples of organs and organ systems equal to your
phase (One each for Phase1, 2 for Phase 2, 3 for Phase 3).
See the wiki web site for ideas. You may use Inspiration or other software to
create this concept map including gliffy, bubble.us, pages, or the Mindmeister
Google app (See Google app store); OR you can choose to draw the map
yourself by hand.
Grading: The assignment will be graded according to the Levels of Organization
Concept Map Rubric.