Some sentences from you Informatics Corpus

Words which require specific prepositions.
Some sentences from your Informatics Corpus
Note the use of that and which, where appropriate.
1. Again, it is not necessary that the sampled stimulus look identical _____ the
continuous one in order for the motion to look similar.
2. Energy models can be built from elements that are consistent _____ known
physiology and psychophysics …
3. First, let us say that a hypothesis is consistent _____ the training examples if it
correctly classifies these examples.
4. Previous work on consistent hashing assumed that nodes were aware _____ most
other nodes in the system, making it impractical to scale to large number of nodes.
5. Techniques typical _____ automated TC have already been extended successfully to
the categorization of documents expressed in slightly different media …
INTELLIGENCE other configurations _____ which we are not aware.
7. This is a remarkable fact: Two approaches t o motion modeling, motivated by
different philosophies, converge on models that are almost identical _____ a
functional point of view.
8. This is also typical _____ the pairwise symmetric key based protocols.
9. Using directional derivatives, Kass and Witkin [ 1987 ] came to a solution that turned
out to be equivalent _____ the tensor method.
10. With appropriate radial weighting functions, the rotation invariant filters can be
viewed as equivalent to Reddi' s complex moments filters which in turn are
equivalent _____ Hu' s geometric invariants.