Question 1
1. Which of the following is not a benefit of carving up a single, global B2B platform into product
and region-centered systems?
lower risk
greater adaptability
lower complexity
lower cost
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Question 2
1. What is the first step in the procurement process?
negotiate price
qualify the seller and its products
issue a purchase order
search for suppliers
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Question 3
1. The last step in the procurement process is:
sending a remittance payment.
sending the invoice.
shipping the goods.
delivering the goods.
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Question 4
1. The majority of interfirm trade involves:
spot purchasing of direct goods.
contract purchasing of indirect goods.
contract purchasing of direct goods.
spot purchasing of indirect goods.
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Question 5
1. Which of the following is a method of inventory cost management that seeks to eliminate excess
lean production
sustainable production
just-in-time production
supply chain simplification
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Question 6
1. Which of the following primarily serve horizontal markets?
e-distributors and exchanges
e-distributors and e-procurement Net marketplaces
e-procurement Net marketplaces and industry consortia
exchanges and industry consortia
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Question 7
1. An ________ provides electronic catalogs that represent the products of thousands of direct
e-procurement company
industry consortium
1 points
Question 8
1. An ________ primarily serves businesses that buy indirect goods on a spot purchasing basis.
e-procurement company
industry consortium
1 points
Question 9
1. An ________ is an independently owned, online marketplace that connects hundreds to
potentially thousands of suppliers and buyers in a dynamic, real-time environment.
e-procurement company
industry consortium
1 points
Question 10
1. Which of the following is not an objective of a private industrial network?
developing industry-wide response planning to supplement enterprise-wide resource
creating increasing supply chain visibility
achieving closer buyer-supplier relationships
obtaining equity participation in the network from other major firms in the industry