Textbook Tour Holt Physics

Textbook Tour – Holt Physics
Academic Physics
Mrs. T. Broczkowski
(10 points)
Do not write on this paper! Take out a sheet of paper. Write your name, period and
date in the upper right hand corner of your paper. Copy and answer the following
1. On what page does the reference section begin?
2. Suppose you could not remember how to divide or multiply numbers in
scientific notation? Find a page that will help you in the reference section and
list the rules for multiplication, division , addition and subtraction.
3. On what page would you find equations for trigonometry functions? List the
equations for sine, cosine and tangent.
4. On what page is the Pythagorean theorem explained? Describe what the
theorem is used for.
5. What page lists the SI units used in this course? What is the SI unit for:
length, time and mass?
6. Where are “fundamental constants” found in the text? What is the value of
the speed of light in a vacuum?
7. Find and read Chapter 1, Section 2. What page does it start on?
8. Find the page where practice problems for 1A (Chapter 1 Section 2) can be
found. Answer these questions.
9. Where can answers to homework be found? Find the answers to Practice 1A
problems and check your answers.
10. Use your glossary to define the following:
a. Physics
b. Center of Mass
11. Find the Chapter 1 Summary Page. Describe how this page will be useful for
studying before a test or quiz.