Math 8 Lesson Plan 72 Using the Pythagorean Thm to find the disance on the coordinate plane class outline for students.doc

Sewanhaka High School
Math 8
Mrs. Lidowsky, Principal
Mr. Long, Teacher
H.W. #72: Ditto
DO-NOW #72: Answer the following questions:
1) James wanted to plant
2) Approximately, how much air would be needed to fill
pansies in his new planter.
a soccer ball with a radius of 14 cm?
He wondered how much
potting soil he should buy to
fill it. Use the measurements
in the diagram to the left to
determine the planter’s
Topic: Geometry
Main Idea: Using the Pythagorean Theorem to find Distance on the coordinate plane
What type of triangle is formed by the lines?
How can you find the length of AC and BC without
counting the number of grids?
What is the length of AC and BC ?
Write an equation using the Pythagorean Theorem that
you can use to find the length of AB ?
Find the distance between the two points (1, 3) and (-2, 4).
Cromwell Field is located at (2.5, 3.5) and Dedeaux
Field at (1.5, 4.5) on a map. If each map unit is 0.1
mile, about how far apart are the fields?
Drill: Answer the following questions. Show work.