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Villanova, PA 19085
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I am a charismatic and proven leader and visionary. I am a highly educated and
experienced executive with excellent organizational, analytical and problemsolving abilities. My background includes a depth of experience in International
Technical Standards, Product Development, Wireless telecommunications
technology and engineering; as well as, product management, strategic planning,
and team building. I have strong communications skills with experience in
relating a technical vision to various audiences including: vendors, trade
publications, governmental agencies, standards bodies, the investment
community, conference audiences, students, and lay organizations.
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering (Physics minor)
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
54/54 credits earned: ABD (all but dissertation)
Anticipated graduation = currently working at Temple on completion of Thesis
Published- “Testing the Intelligibility of Corrupted Speech with an Automated
Speech Recognition System” Norman E. SHAW, Robert E. YANTORNO,
William T. HICKS, Brett Y. SMOLENSKI – Temple University
Rapportuer – 3GPP TR 25.907 - “Evaluation of Path-Loss Technologies for
Location Services on UMTS”.
Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (Communications & DSP)
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
April 1991
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
August 1987
Professional Continuing Education - SS7 and Advanced Intelligent Networks Geo. Wash Univ. - 7/96 CEU=2.16, Bellcore Digital Loop Carrier Systems Eng.
& Ops. - Chicago, IL - 2/98, Microwave Radio Systems - George Washington
University - 8/94 CEU=2.88, Harris Farinon DVM6/10-XT Digital Microwave. San Francisco, CA - 3/98, IEEE Induction Motor Tutorial - Pittsburgh, PA - 4/98
CEU=.5, Western Multiplex Spread Spectrum Microwave Eng. & Maint - Pgh,
PA- 8/96, Andrew Heliax/Waveguide/Antenna Eng. & Maint - Pgh, PA - 6/96,
Tellabs DCS Training (5500 Titan) - Chicago, IL - 1/97, Tellabs DCS Training
(53X series) - Pittsburgh, PA - 4/95, SAGE 930 T1 Test Set Training Pittsburgh, PA - 2/96, Ericsson 884 Radio Training - Rochelle Pk., NJ - 9/96
Languages: Matlab, SQL, Turbo-C, Assembler, FORTRAN, Quick Basic
Software: Mapinfo, Visio, Cool Edit, MSOffice/Project, etc.
Vice President, Technical Services
I am a partner in a technical consulting firm which supports the needs of network
operators. I am the groups lead for work involving international standards (3GPP,
ETSI, ATIS, etc.), as well as long-range planning. Our primary services include:
RF engineering and planning, network audit and optimization, federal mandate
support (E911PH2, CALEA, etc.), backhaul design, microwave link design and
implementation, business case analysis, etc.
NEXTNAV, LLC July 2013 to April 2014
Director of Standards
I was the company’s leader for standardization of their location technology,
known as “Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS)” within the international
standards community. Our work focused on the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)
and the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).
I increased the level of support for the company’s work in 3GPP from (4) cosigning companies (the minimal requirement) to (15) co-signing companies. Two
of the new supporters have agreed to work with the company on joint
development and on testing in the EU.
POLARIS WIRELESS November 2005 to May 2013
Executive Director, Business Development and Technical Standards
I was a member of the Sr. Leadership team for a start-up company involved in the
mobile technology space.
I led all company activities in International Standards (3GPP RAN and SA, and
OMA). I was the Rapporteur for (1) completed Study Item (SI) and (1) completed
Work Item (WI) at 3GPP RAN. I managed strategic company needs and plans
within the 3GPP SA group. I oversaw work on a 2nd completed SI and WI within
the SA and CT groups. I coordinated the Product Roadmap as it related to
standards requirements. I developed major partnerships with infrastructure
providers and application companies. This included partnerships that extended to
multinational business relationships in the US and the EU.
I served as key company representative with the US Government and the FCC. I
was the company’s representative to the Emergency Services Interconnect Forum
(ESIF) and the Communications Security, Interoperability, and Reliability
Council (CSRIC). I was the Co-Chair of CSRIC WG3 subcommittee on “Indoor
E-911” and oversaw the development of testing for indoor location technologies
in support of emergency services.
I was a panelist at the FCC Workshop on Indoor E-911 . I was also a panelist on a
webinar hosted by the magazine “GPS World” regarding location for emergency
I led the introduction of the company into the Asia Pacific markets (Hong Kong,
Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Australia). I coordinated and
completed the first international sale for the company ($23M); the company’s
current international business exceeds $200M. I also led changes in the
company’s focus toward Government Surveillance business as opposed to
emergency services. This change included the incorporation of data-mining and
crowd sourcing functions to the company’s products.
Perkiomen Valley School District September 2004 to November 2005
Director of IT
I ran all IT and technology functions for a school district of 7 schools and
approximately 6,000 students. My team managed all IT and networking needs for
the district schools and for the administration. We introduced "Smart Board"
technology into all the schools. I specified and oversaw the installation of a
system-wide VoIP service from Shoretel®.
TRUEPOSITION, INC. June 2003 to September 2004
Sr. Director, Product Line Management
I was the leader of an inter-disciplinary team in charge of product direction for
technology designed for the location of mobile phones. I led the product through
(3) three release cycles and introduced two (2) new product lines to the company
portfolio. I had complete responsibility for the strategic direction of the
technology and prioritization of new features and capabilities. I served as the
primary arbiter of the financial/business needs of the organization as they related
to the product roadmap.
TRITON PCS, LLC, February 2001 to June 2003
Vice President, New Product Development
I was the leader of an engineering and marketing team responsible for product
development of wireless voice and data products. My team was one of the first in
the US to develop and deploy Short Message Service (SMS); this is the service
commonly known as texting. My team’s responsibilities included: development of
new mobile data services and platforms, network design and management of
network to support above mentioned data services, product business cases and
integration into corporate strategic business plans, authoring product white
papers, and assisting product/project management in development of product
implementation plans. In my position, I was also a Corporate Officer for a
wireless services company with services throughout the southeastern US.
URSINUS COLLEGE, January to May 2003
Adjunct Professor – Physics Department
I taught Electromagnetics and Physics Labs to undergraduate physics students.
My responsibilities included lectures, development of learning assignments,
projects, and tests, as well as performance evaluation for approximately 50
students at various levels of Physics curriculum.
DIGITAL ACCESS, INC., August 2000 to February 2001
Chief Technical Officer
I was a Chief Officer of an integrated communications company. I coordinated all
technical aspects necessary for the company to deliver converged services over a
‘deep-fiber’ Hybrid-Fiber-Coax (HFC) network. Our services included: advanced
digital video with interactive TV and video on demand, digital and analog CATV
services, high-speed data with rates up to 100 Mbs, and circuit-switched voice
service over RF (local and LD). My responsibilities included: determination of
network architecture and platforms, evaluation of new technologies, capital
budgeting, and organizational development. I was also responsible for all
communication of technical aspects of the organization and corporate mission to
the investment community.
ADELPHIA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, September 1999 to August 2000
Vice President, Engineering
I managed all corporate engineering functions for a CLEC with markets
throughout the eastern US and expansion projects extending to the west coast. I
led a team of: (4) directors, (8) managers, and (102) engineers and specialists. My
department, at my direction, made all decisions regarding platform and migration
strategy for the introduction of packet-voice services (VoIP and VoATM) into a
traditional circuit-switched telephony system. The team incorporated core
network and switching functions, as well as access and fiber optic network
design. My team had the engineering responsibility for interoperation of voice,
cable, wireless, and DSL access technologies; to provide a platform for “total
service” offerings by the company. I maintained complete executive and
engineering support of company’s ISP service data needs to its cable MODEM
subscribers. I managed all engineering support for data services over broadband
ATM, DSL, and Wireless for Enterprise “VPN” customers.
AT&T WIRELESS SERVICES, January 1995 to September 1999
Manager Transport Engineering (NE Region)
I managed a regional transmission engineering team that covered the northeast
states. Our markets included: Boston/Providence, Connecticut, New York,
Philadelphia, Washington DC/Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo/Rochester. I
performed required leadership support for eight (8) market engineers and two (2)
district managers. I actively participated as member of Corporate Senior
Technical Management Team in strategic organizational planning for the
company. I carried out final design oversight for the transport systems supporting
these markets.
SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, August to December 1994
Adjunct Professor – Computer Science Department
I taught distributed and client-server computing to Graduate Computer Science
students. My responsibilities included lectures, development of learning
assignments and projects, and performance evaluation.
NEW YORK STATE ELEC. & GAS CORP., October 1992 to December 1994
Communications Engineer, 10/92 - Telecommunications Department
As a staff engineer, I designed and maintained communications systems for a
state wide electric utility. My responsibilities included: development of RFPs and
proposal evaluation, capital budget support, operations and maintenance support,
trouble resolution, and new systems design and integration. My primary
responsibility was network and RF design and engineering for thirteen (13) 2-way
radio systems. This work included conversion of all these systems from 48 MHz
(low-band) analog to 145 MHz (VHF) digital service. I also was responsible for
the engineering and design of a digital microwave system (6 hops), and four
analog microwave systems. I managed all corporate fiber-optic systems and
corporate switching of (41) Northern Option-71 PBXs, along with the corporate
backhaul network. I also had budget responsibility for all the above mentioned
systems. I engineered and coordinated the installation of new PBX systems at
four company generating plants throughout the state.
LAKELAND DEPT. OF ELEC. & WATER UTIL., Aug 1987 to Oct 1992
Communications Engineer, 6/91 - Engineering Department
Strategic Planning Engineer, 8/87 - Corporate Planning Department
I had engineering design and operational support responsibility for the
department’s 2-way radio, microwave, and fiber optic communications systems. I
managed all interoperability and engineering across above mentioned systems in
support of System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) functions for the
Network Operations Center (NOC).
As a planner, I did strategic demand-side planning and life cycle cost/benefit
evaluations of new technologies to reduce the requirements for additional
generation plants.
References available upon request