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Digestive System Review

1. What is peristalsis?

2. What is the difference between mechanical and chemical digestion? Where does each take place?

3. What is hydrolysis?

4. What is absorption and where does it take place?

5. Use the stomach diagram and label the following terms:

fundus,esophagus, cardioesophageal sphincter, rugae,

duodenum, pyloric sphincter, greater and lesser curvatures.

6. What is the mesentery?

7. What is the function of goblet cells? Where are they in the digestive system?

8. What are plicae circularis? What does it do?

9. What is the purpose of villi and microvilli?

10. What are all of the purposes of saliva?

11. What are the differences between bolus and chyme?

12. Which cells of the stomach secrete HCl?

13. Where does protein digestion begin?

14. What secretes pepsinogen?

15. What is pepsin and what two things combine to make it?

16. What enzyme digests carbohydrates?

17. What controls the entry of bile and pancreatic juice into the duodenum?

18. List the 3 parts of the small intestine in order and give their relative lengths.

19. Compare the major functions of the small intestine and the large intestine.

20. What hormone is released to the duodenum to lower the pH of the food entering from the stomach?

21. Name the salivary glands and give their locations.

22. What bacteria lives in the intestines? ______________________________ What does it do?

23. Describe the locations and functions of each of the digestive sphincters.

24. What gland secretes insulin and glucagons?

25. What enzyme is in the saliva?

26. Which hormone is released from the intestinal cells that cause the gall bladder to release bile?

27. Which digestive system fluid emulsifies fat?

28. What blood vessel carries blood from the small intestine to the liver?

29. Label the following diagram with all of the digestive system organs.

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