1. How did Stalin gain power?
2. Lenin promised the people
3. The November Revolution is also known as the
4. After the November Revolution a civil war broke out between the
5. The purpose of the Comintern was
6. The purpose of the Great Purge was
7. command economy
8. kulak
9. collective
10. cheka
11. Bolshevik
12. Lenin’s economic program was called
13. Lenin’s NEP allowed for
14. Totalitarian state
15. Supreme Soviet
16. Goals of Stalin’s Five-Year plans
17. Peasants resisted collectivization by
18. Benefits of Communist rule under Stalin
19. Drawbacks of Communist rule under Stalin
20. The Bolsheviks renamed themselves
21. What happened to Trotsky?
22. Karl Marx wanted
23a. Marxism would fail in Russia because
23b. Russia did not have a large urban proletariat because
24. Lenin changed Marxist ideas to fit conditions in Russia by
25. After the civil war Russia became known as the
26. & 27. Last czar/czarina of Russia
28. Last dynasty to rule Russia
29. Results of collectivization
30. Western nations were suspicious of the Soviet Union because
31. A totalitarian state ensures power & obedience by using
32. The official religious policy of the Soviet Union was
33. socialist realism