Reading 2 Vocabulary

Reading 2 Vocabulary
1. arrogance- overbearing pride with lack of regard for others
2. docile- gentle, easy to manage
3. frivolous- silly, unimportant
4. kindle- to ignite; to excite; to start a fire
5. seethe- to boil or bubble and foam; to be excited or disturbed
6. sinister- threatening trouble or bad luck; evil
7. smug- thinking too much of one’s own goodness or achievements
8. spurn- to turn down or reject with scorn or contempt
9. unscrupulous- dishonest; not knowing right from wrong
10. yearn- to long for or desire
Reading 2 Vocabulary
1. safety symbol- a symbol that is used to warn an individual of possible
2. theory- a well tested explanation that brings together many scientific
3. valid- true, based on facts, evidence or experiments
4. active transport- a transport system that moves particles against the
concentration gradient and requires energy
5. allele- one of two or more different genes that occupy the same place on a
chromosome allowing for genetic variation
6. surface area- the sum of the areas of the faces of a solid
7. circumference- distance around a circle (C=2∏r)
8. cylinder- a solid with congruent circular bases that lie in parallel planes
9. pyramid- a polyhedron in which the base is a polygon and the lateral
faces are triangles with a common vertex
10. cone- a solid that has one circular base and a vertex that is not in the
same plane as the base
Reading 2 Vocabulary
1. carnivorous- meat eating
2. centrifugal- moving away from a center or axis
3. fauna- the animals of a specific region
4. flora- the plants of a specific region
5. granular- containing grains or granules
6. metamorphosis- a transformation or dramatic change in appearance or
7. sector- part of or a division of a circle
8. sparse- thinly spread, not crowded
9. stagnant- not flowing, sluggish; foul from standing still
10. upheaval- a sudden or violent change; a force coming from underneath
Reading 2 Vocabulary
11. amino acids- building blocks of protein molecules; there are 20 common
12. artery- blood vessels that carries blood away from the heart
13. autotroph- organism that is capable of producing its own food from the
14. binomial nomenclature- a two name system of naming organisms
15. bone marrow- a soft tissue that begins the production of red blood cells
and platelets
16. sphere- the set of all points in space that are equal in distance from a
given point called the center of the sphere
17. hemisphere- half of a sphere
18. prism- a polyhedron with two congruent faces that lie in parallel planes
19. adjacent angles- two angles that share a common vertex and side but
have no common interior points
20. linear pair- two adjacent angles whose non-common sides are opposite
Reading 2 Vocabulary
1. attribute- belonging to or coming from a particular person or thing
2. humanitarian- concerned with human welfare and helping people
3. irony-a way of implying the opposite of what is literally true; not
4. infest- to spread or swarm in or over
5. bizarre- odd; unusual
6. horde- a crowd or to swarm or gather in a crowd
7. humanoid- resembling a human in appearance and behavior
8. predatory- preying on others; to destroy something for personal gain
9. relevant- related to the matter at hand; pertinent or important
10. tolerate- to permit or put up with