APHUG Political Geography Test Study Sheet Complete all readings

APHUG Political Geography
Test Study Sheet
1. Complete all readings, take notes including reading from Rubenstein on the shapes of states,
and DeBlij Ch. 15
2. Be able to define and use all the terms listed on page 389
3. Go to the textbook website link on my website and answer the practice questions
4. Apply Mackinder’s heartland theory to Eurasia during the 20th Century and contrast it to
Spykman’s rimland theory
5. Explain Ratzel’s Theory of the Organic State and geopolitics and highlight how it was used as a
justification for German expansion
6. Be able to differentiate between and among a state, a nation, a nation-state, a multi-ethnic or
multi-national state; how to these connect to the idea of national identity?
7. Identify different types of boundaries
8. Distinguish among the different shapes of states
9. Explain how colonialism is related to mercantilism
10. Explain how de-colonization is related to the Cold War
11. What is the domino theory? How does it apply to core-periphery relations during and after the
Cold War?
12. The importance of terrorism in the globalized world
13. Centripetal vs. centrifugal forces