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Introduction (thank them for contacting you and tell
them that you are happy to help)
Body paragraph 1:
Topic sentence: Meiosis is important because it makes
gametes, enabling a species to reproduce.
Supporting details- define gametes; discuss where
meiosis takes place, and outcomes (cell #)
Closing statement: Now I will tell more details about this
Body paragraph 2:
Topic sentence: Meiosis has 8 phases which results in 4
genetically diverse gametes being created.
Supporting details:
- Discuss each of the phases (PMAT X 2)
- Crossing over
- Ind. Ass. (Refer to journal 3/5)
- Seg.
- Discuss chromosome # (diploid vs. haploid)
Closing statement: Next I will tell you how this relates to
Body paragraph 3:
Topic sentence: The gametes that are created in
meiosis are what fuse together during fertilization to
create a zygote.
Supporting details:
- define fertilization
- define male gamete (sperm) vs. female gamete (egg)
- define zygote
- note chromosome #
Closing statement: Summarize why this process
important to creating unique/genetically diverse
Conclusion (tell them that if they have more questions,
to contact you and that it was your pleasure to help
them out.)
Sincerely (or Regards, or something similar…)
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