Forgiveness - ESL Sheets

Idioms and Expressions
 Get over it
 A fresh start
 A new beginning
 Wipe the slate clean
 Get off scot free
 Forgive and forget
 Dredge up the past
 Let bygones be bygones
 Swallow an injustice
 Off the hook
You have stolen money from your
employer. S/he has never found out
about the stolen money, though. It is
impossible to get the money back to her
without her asking where the money came
from. You feel really guilty about
stealing – what do you do?
In Today’s World
 How should we deal with people who
are “unrepentant” for their
sins/crimes? For instance, if
someone repeatedly steals, lies, or
kills, should s/he be let off scot-free?
What should his/her punishment be?
Hard Questions
 Is forgiveness ever fair?
 Is there something you need to do, be,
or have first in order to forgive
someone else?
 If you forgive, who has to swallow the
injustice of what happened to hurt
 If you don’t forgive, who has to
swallow that injustice?
Talk About
 What are some things you’ve had to
forgive other people for?
 What are some things you’ve had to be
forgiven for?
 Is it possible to “forgive yourself”?
Is it even necessary?
What Does Forgiveness Involve?
 Is true forgiveness:
- forgetting that something bad ever
happened to you?
- Stuffing your anger inside and
pretending it doesn’t matter that
someone hurt you?
- Setting out terms and conditions for
restoring your relationship with
- Committing to renew your relationship
with someone, bearing the cost of
his/her sin yourself?