FYE Resources for Academic Transformation

Resources for High Enrollment First-Year Courses
The following list reflects a number of the resources available through collaboration with FYE.
These resources could be tailored for students in a specific course.
Academic Success Lesson Plan – This is a one class period lesson that introduces
students to a variety of success strategies that allow them to improve their time
management skills, manage priorities, demonstrate academic honesty, understand
learning styles, and improve study and discussion skills. Jason delivers the lesson with
his coaches. The faculty member then reinforces these techniques throughout the
Academic Success Coaching – provides one-on-one assistance to students who may
struggle with the adjustment to college learning; coaches meet with students regularly
to monitor progress and provide appropriate support.
Peer Mentoring – similar to supplemental instructor, FYE partners academically
successful students with faculty; peer mentors assist faculty with course-related
initiatives and provide additional support for students identified as “at-risk” during the
semester; mentors often assist with out-of-class discussions, study sessions and
experiential learning exercises (ELEs).
Park Library Scavenger Hunt – allows faculty to engage students with information
resources through an out-of-class exercises; this exercise could support the early
investigation of a course topic or assignment.
Experiential Learning Exercises (ELEs) – designed to engage students through out-ofclass experiences; FYE creates ELEs with department faculty to help extend learning
experiences and provide concrete direction to new students who may need extra
incentive to explore ideas and course content between formal class meetings.
Professional Development Sessions – in conjunction with academic departments, FaCIT
and national thought leaders, FYE organizes professional development sessions focused
on engaged learning topics, i.e., critical thinking, analytic reasoning collaborative
learning strategies, syllabus preparation, etc.
MAP-Works – This is an early intervention program available to all first-year students.
With additional funds it can be made available to all students in a class. The support
resources can be incorporated into Blackboard.
Contact Jason Bentley, Director First-Year Experience, [email protected], 774-3401.