Molly E - The Center for Anxiety

Molly E. Swanberg, M.A.
157 Richmond Hill Road
New Canaan, CT 06840
(203) 219-4305
Yeshiva University
Mental Health Counseling
Bronx, NY
9/10 – 4/11
Argosy University, Washington, DC
Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
American Psychological Association Accredited
Arlington, VA
8/04 – 5/08
The University of Vermont
Bachelor of Arts
Burlington, VT
Major: Psychology
Graduated: May 2013
Silver Hill Hospital
New Canaan, CT
Admissions Clinician
Facilitate admissions process at a private psychiatric hospital.
Responsible for overseeing and managing new admissions start to finish.
Other responsibilities include conducting clinical phone intakes, crisis
intervention, obtaining pre-certification with insurance companies, and
providing support to patients and their families.
The Center for Anxiety
New York, NY
Currently practicing evidence-based treatment with clients presenting
with various anxiety and mood disorders. Trained in exposure and
response prevention (EX/RP) for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive
disorder. Skilled in behavior therapy, specifically behavioral
exposures in treating panic disorder and various phobias.
The Center for Anxiety
New York, NY
Assessment Intern
Conduct phone screens and DSM-IV-TR Axis I diagnostic interviews
with incoming clients. Provide information to potential clients about
evidence-based treatments, specifically Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
7/09 – 6/10
North Suffolk Mental Health Association
Chelsea, MA
Supported Employment Specialist
Provided support and vocational counseling to individuals with severe
mental illness in obtaining competitive employment. Coordinated with
partnered agencies in sharing job leads and facilitating job development
for department of mental health consumers. Participated in weekly
clinical team meetings to discuss clients’ progress in all areas of
functioning. Utilized Recovery Model and Person-Centered planning.
Worked with special populations such as deaf consumers and men with
problematic sexual behavior.
6/08 – 6/10
North Suffolk Mental Health Association
Chelsea, MA
Program Coordinator, North Suffolk Transitional Employment
Managed all aspects of an employment training program designed
to assist clients with major mental illness in reintegrating into the
competitive job market. This included overseeing and staffing a coffee
shop, a mailroom, and a gym which were all located at the Department of
Mental Health in Boston, Massachusetts. Consumers were trained and
paid stipends to work in these locations. Additionally, duties included
operating as a liaison for North Suffolk Mental Health Association in a
partnership with the Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community, an
organization directed by people in recovery. Accomplishments outside
of the job description included pioneering a healthy eating incentives
program for people with schizophrenia who attend a clozapine clinic, and
founding an internet radio station. Recovery Radio was created to give
clients the opportunity to have their own radio shows and discuss
relevant mental health issues with their community.
1/09 – 6/09
North Suffolk Mental Health Association
Chelsea, MA
Outreach Worker/Case Manager
Provided consumers with aid in scheduling and attending various
medical and psychiatric appointments. Designed and implemented
person-centered goals with clients. Managed a case load of four adult
clients with schizophrenia and assisted them in several forms of
community integration. Met with clients in their homes to ensure
safety, health, and general stability.
6/08 – 1/09
North Suffolk Mental Health Association
Chelsea, MA
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Counselor
Assitant manager of a day rehabilitation program for ninety adult
members with severe and persistent mental illness. Developed and
facilitated lessons for various psychosocial and vocational groups.
Provided one on one counseling for clients in need of psychological
support. Sat in on team meetings with various providers to discuss
rehabilitation goals for individual clients. Attended discharge meetings
at inpatient facilities to determine treatment planning for clients post-
hospitalization. Oversaw the program as manager when supervisor was
out on leave.
9/07 – 4/08
The University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
Research Assistant
Assisted with a pilot study for an NIMH funded grant proposal
investigating the effects of regular physical activity on children with
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Coded behavioral
observations of a physical activity intervention in a school setting.
Administered and scored cognitive and neuropsychological tests to 5 to 9
year old participants. Tests included the Wechsler Preschool and
Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI), the Wechsler Intelligence Scale
for Children (WISC), and the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor
Proficiency (BOT). Coded behavioral observations of a videotaped
social interaction task for a study titled: “Positive Illusions in ADHD:
Processes and Consequences”, Principle Investigator: Betsy Hoza,
Ph.D. Responsible for entry, verification, and organization of data. Met
weekly with the research team to discuss lab progress and to review
graduate student projects.
1/09 – 3/10
North Suffolk Mental Health Association
Chelsea, MA
Training Center Staff
Facilitated an agency training titled: “Hearing Voices that are
Distressing,” an interactive experience where participants wear
headphones that play voices similar to what a person with schizophrenia
may experience. Participants are sent out into the community and
directed to perform typical errands such as buying a cup of coffee while
listening to the distressing voices. Led a discussion upon participants
return to the training center regarding what it is like to experience a
simulation of positive psychotic symptoms. Additionally, developed and
taught an agency training titled “Overview of Psychiatric Rehabilitation”
to new employees. This training provided learners a brief history of
clinical psychological treatment as well as a full lesson on Person
Centered Treatment (PCT) and Person Centered Planning (PCP), the
philosophy that the agency has adopted.
1/07 – 5/07
The University of Vermont
Burlington, VT
Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Formulated challenging examinations for students to take. Read and
graded papers on the topic of ethics, specifically ethical dilemmas that
students were asked to process and reflect on. Facilitated group
discussions on various clinically relevant topics. Led a mock group
therapy session with students. Additionally, delivered an extensive
lecture on a clinical topic of choice.
Recipient of North Suffolk Mental Health Association’s annual
Community Partnership Award
Recipient of North Suffolk Mental Health Association’s annual
Leadership and Teamwork Award
National Honor Society of Psychology (Psi Chi) member
2007 - 2008
Dean’s List, The University of Vermont
Proficiency with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
Certified in American Heart Association BLS for heathcare providers (CPR and AED)
CPI certified in nonviolent crisis intervention
Jennifer Reis, LMHC
North Suffolk Mental Health Association
Recovery Team Leader (Community Based Flexible Supports)
(617) 784-0970
Dr. David Rosmarin
The Center for Anxiety
Clinical Psychologist/Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
(646) 837-5557
Rista Luna
Silver Hill Hospital
Director of Admissions
(203) 801-2221