Class of '39 Request Form

Department of Psychology/Neuroscience
Class of ’39 Fund Request Form
The Class of 1939 Senior Research Fund was established by the Class of 1939 on the occasion of its 50th
reunion. The income from this fund shall be used to support student research in all departments in conjunction
with the senior project. There are times when you need to spend more than your allotted amount. If that is the
case, your comp advisor may suggest you apply to the Class of ’39 Fund. To apply, please write a short
proposal describing your project and a detailed budget. The proposal should indicate whether you are
receiving funding from other sources (department, ACCEL, ASG). Next, ask your comp advisor to write
a brief memo of support. After this has been completed, submit your proposal and memo of support to
Sam Stephens in the Dean’s office. You may do this electronically to
or through campus mail Box 18.
Date of request:
Student ID #:
Campus Box #:
Student name:
Senior project first reader:
Department of Comp Project
 Psychology
 Neuroscience
 Both
Total Amount Requested
Please write a short proposal describing your project: (Use back of form if necessary.)
(Senior project first reader)