Recording Comp Time Earnings and Use


Recording Comp Time Earnings and Use

Recording Comp Time Earned

-Scroll to the right of your timesheet and select ‘COMP’ in the Rule Element 1 drop down

-This step only needs to be done once during the week that you want to collect hours over 40 as comp time.

-Example: If you have worked more than 40 hours each week and want to collect comp time for both weeks you will need to enter ‘COMP’ in Rule Element 1 once for each week.

Recording Comp Time Taken

-Unlike vacation, personal holidays, or sick time; comp time is recorded on your timesheet not through the absence request. Select the Time Reporting Code ‘CTUSE – Comp Time Take’ from the drop down and record the number of hours in the quantity box.

-If you are recording hours worked and comp time taken for the same day, you will need to add an extra line using the plus sign. Example: You work 4 hours and are off 4 hours- On line should show comp time at a quantity of 4 hours and the other line should show the in and out times of the hours worked.