Assignment 1TB - Introduction to Basic Computer Terminology

Assignment 1TB - Introduction to Basic Computer Terminology
The Journey Inside SM : A Fascinating Look Inside the World of Computers
Please use the Intel resource to learn more about the basic operation
of computers and complete the following worksheet. Add any new
terms you think are important to your glossary. Be sure to complete
all of the activities in the program.
The History of the Computer
What are the four components essential to modern computing?
What made modern computers possible?
Define the terms hardware and software.
Use the Venn Diagram below to list similarities and differences between a computer and
a microwave oven
Why are computers referred to as information processing machines?
Define input device
Give 3 examples of input devices.
Give 3 examples of output devices.
Explain the purpose of RAM based on the readings.
What is the difference between RAM and ROM?
What happens to memory stored in RAM when a computer is turned
Define the terms Hard Drive, Optical Drive and Removable Media
How many printed pages can be stored on an 80GB Hard Drive
Digital Information
What is binary code?
Convert the number 200 to a binary number
Can there be a number greater than 255? Why/why not?
What is a microprocessor?
What is an embedded processor?
What three steps does the microprocessor use to process data?
The Internet
Define the Internet
What is required to access the internet?
Define ISP
Define HTML. How did HTML help the growth of the World Wide
Define URL
Give three reasons why a webpage may take a long time to load on
to your computer
Why do you need to be careful about using information from the
What are some of the limitations of using search engines to find
information on the internet?
What is one of the fastest growing ways to connect to the internet?
Why do you think it is so popular?
Computer Definitions
(Provide a definition and example possible)
Hard Drive
Expansion slot
Integrated circuit
Removable Storage
Operating System