ap statistics - Loganville High School

Length of Course: 1 semester (only offered 2nd semester)
Prerequisites: AP Statistics students must successfully complete Acc Math 3, Math 4, or Advanced
Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM): Statistics and Discrete Math during Fall semester preceding AP
Statistics. NOTE: The prerequisite for AMDM is successful completion of Math III or Accelerated Math
II. AP Statistics students must be highly motivated to learn, have an above average work ethic, and
regularly attend class. Before entering AP Statistics, students must return their signed AP contract
(follows), obtain a teacher recommendation (space provided below), and complete the prerequisite reading.
Course Description: This course is a non-calculus based introduction to statistics exposing students to four
broad conceptual themes - exploring data: observing patterns and departures from patterns; planning a
study: deciding what to measure and how to measure it; anticipating patterns in advance: introducing
probability and simulation; and statistical inference: confirming models for explanations of patterns.
Technology is an integral part of the AP Statistics course. TI-83+/TI-84+ calculators will be used daily and
statistical software will be utilized periodically. Students should anticipate substantial daily homework
assignments and are expected to actively participate in the classroom discussions, simulations, and
Prerequisite Reading: Due to AP Statistics being offered during Spring semester, the reading
assignment will be given immediately before Fall break and will be due the first day of class 2nd
semester. The first assessment in AP Statistics will be over the content of this reading.
Contract Due Date: The AP Statistics contract must be completed and returned to Mrs. Maxwell in room
C103 no later than Monday, February 2, 2015.
Additional Resources: Each student needs a copy of Barron’s AP Statistics, the latest edition, for this
course. You can get this from any bookstore (Barnes & Noble, etc.) for about $19.00.
I understand the prerequisites and course requirements for AP Statistics.
Student Name (print neatly): __________________________________________
Student Signature:_______________________________________
Parent Signature:________________________________________
Recommending Teacher’s Signature:________________________________________________
Course Taught:______________________________
Final Average:__________
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Loganville High School AP Student Performance Contract
**Student and parent please initial beside each responsibility and sign below.
AP courses are equivalent to college-level academic courses, emphasizing high academic standards and performance expectations. In
order to facilitate this level of learning, it is essential that the student agree to the following responsibilities:
__________1. The reading assignment will count as the first test grade in the course. I also understand that I may not change my
assignment without teacher approval.
__________2. Because this is a college-level course, NO late papers/tests will be accepted for any reason other than excused
__________3. Attendance and promptness are essential.
A. For planned absences, e.g. college visits, my work must be turned in ahead of time and I am responsible for acquiring
any information from lectures, discussions, etc., that I miss while I am gone.
B. Any planned absence, college visit, school-related sports/field trip, etc., which is not preceded by the proper
documentation, will be considered unexcused.
C. After 6 absences per semester of ANY kind (except those that are LHS activity-related—not college related), I will have a
mandatory conference with the instructor, be given additional assignments if deemed necessary, and lose any extension
offered on assignments.
__________4. In keeping with the honesty policy, I will not only receive a zero on any assignment that has been plagiarized, but I will
also be prepared to suffer further disciplinary action.
__________5. I will be expected to communicate directly and promptly with the teacher if there is a problem.
I accept the responsibilities stated above.
Student Signature:_________________________________
Parent Signature:__________________________________
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