NetApp chose Melbourne

Video Transcript
NetApp Chose Melbourne, Australia
[Vision of Melbourne city from The Shrine of Remembrance]
Sub title “Why NetApp chose Melbourne”
[Vision of Melbourne’s high-rises]
Sub title “NetApp is Australia’s market leader for network storage and cloud computing.”
[Vision of Michelle Gibson – NetApp Enterprise Account Manager]
Michelle Gibson
I chose to work for NetApp for a number of reasons. The organisation has a fantastic culture which is renowned
in the IT industry globally.
[Vision of a people walking through the office hallway]
It is a top blue chip IT organisation and it attracts the top talent.
[Vision of Michelle Gibson]
So to have the opportunity to be able to work as part of, you know, what I consider to be some of the best IT
people in the industry working here out of Melbourne, is wonderful.
[Vision of Mike Sakalas – NetApp Sales Director, Southern Region]
Mike Sakalas
More companies around the world are investing in Melbourne, which is extremely exciting for us. If you look at
the different sectors, whether is be telecommunications, healthcare, government, banking, service providers, its
all happening here in Melbourne and there is a very strong entrepreneurial spirit…
[Vision of Two men sitting down at a café]
[Vision of a group of people sitting down at a restaurant]
…And you see a lot of smaller companies thriving…
[Vision of Melbourne’s high-rise buildings at night]
…You see a lot of international businesses thriving…
[Vision of Mike Sakalas]
…It is not just Australian businesses that are located in Melbourne.
[Vision of the Yarra River and Melbourne city]
Michelle Gibson
Melbourne has great connections both nationally and internationally…
[Vision of Michelle Gibson]
…We have an international airport which is only 20 minutes outside of the city and, in fact, on some occasions
I’ve had, you know, a meeting in Melbourne in the morning, I’ve flown to Singapore and been able to meet with
clients, you know, in the same day.
[Vision of the Eureka Tower]
[Vision of Melbourne city buildings from Southbank]
It’s exciting to actually be part of international business…
[Vision of two people rowing in the Yarra River]
…But being able to do it all from your home base in Melbourne.
[Vision of Mike Sakalas]
Mike Sakalas
If you enjoy a safe and good lifestyle, Victoria is about the best place you can come…
[Vision of people in a park along the Yarra River]
…And raise a family…
[Vision of a car driving along the Great Ocean Road]
…and really enjoy the things that it has to offer.
[Vision of two boys playing beach cricket]
On any given weekend, I can go to a beach…
[Vision of people snowboarding down a slope]
…Or go skiing, go to the Vineyards…
[Vision of bird’s eye view of a maze
[Vision of a vineyard and a person drinking wine]
…And really have a great time seeing the country.
[Vision of a man and a woman riding bikes]
Michelle Gibson
We’re very lucky to get four seasons of the year.
[Vision of a woman running along the beach]
So, you know, we have the opportunity to enjoy everything about winter…
[Vision of a mum pushing her son on a swing]
…Everything about summer.
[Vision of a woman shopping]
[Vision of food in a shop]
The food is fantastic.
[Vision of an art exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria]
The cultural opportunities…
[Vision of Flinders Street Station]
…I mean, it really is all here on the doorstep.
[Vision of Melbourne city at night]
For anyone that’s looking at setting up a business, I don’t think that there is a better location in Australia than
opening it up in Melbourne.
[Vision of Melbourne city from The Shrine of Remembrance]
Closing screen titles
“Invest Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.”