1. Magna Carta – document which limited power of the king and
protected rights of the accused.
2. Parliament – England’s lawmaking body, similar to our Congress.
Parliament limited the power of the king.
3. Independent Judiciary – Courts are independent of rulers, so they
are more fair.
4. Habeas Corpus – Must show proof before arresting someone.
5. Humanism – an organized movement based on the idea that each
person has the potential to be successful and to pursue his/her own
6. Renaissance Man – someone who excels in many areas, including
arts, academics, athletics, etc.
7. Individualism – belief that each person matters
8. perspective – art technique used to create depth by making objects in
the foreground bigger than the background
9. fresco – style of painting done on wet plaster (usually a mural)
10.sfumato – Italian for “smoky”, technique used to blend details to look
more realistic
11.chiaroscuro – means “light & dark”; use of light and shadow to make
something look realistic and 3-D
12.patrons – wealthy people who sponsored artists financially
13.Medici – powerful & wealthy Italian family who supported many
artist in Florence
14.Florence – Italian city with great wealth where the Renaissance began
15.Sistine Chapel – famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo, took four
16.Michelangelo – famous Renaissance painter and sculptor
17.Leonardo Da Vinci – famous Renaissance painter and inventor
18.Johannes Gutenberg – the inventor of the printing press
19.vernacular – the local language spoken by people in a country
Homework option A - Create a crossword puzzle using the words and
definitions above on either puzzlemaker.com or armouredpenguin.com,
Homework option B - Make your own Quizlet using the above words.
PART II – Answer the following in complete sentences.
1. How did Humanism lead to the Renaissance?
2. How was Renaissance art different from Medieval Art?
3. What were two effects of the printing press?
4. Explain two reasons why feudalism declined.
5. What were two effects of the Magna Carta? Be specific.
6. How did the Magna Carta help protect the rights of those accused of a
7. Explain two effects of the Plague.
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