Biome Acrostic Poem Rubric

Biome Acrostic Poems
Name: __________________ Period: _____ Biome: ______________
An acrostic poem is one where you choose a topic word and use each letter in that word as the beginning of a
word or phrase that tells something about your topic.
Here is an example of an acrostic poem about the word “acrostic.”
An acrostic poem
Can be about anything
Of course, some people like to
Start each line as a sentence
I prefer weaving words into a
Creation that is more freeform.
1. Choose a biome different from the biome you wrote your postcard about.
2. Brainstorm for material that relates to the subject. You will need at least 5 interesting facts. These facts
must include information about the following:
a. Temperature
b. Precipitation
c. Animal-life
d. Plant-life
e. One interesting fact of your choice relating to the biome
3. Write the title vertically on the page, one letter per line.
4. Make sure each line starts with the corresponding letter and relates back to the subject.
5. The entire page must be colored using space effectively.
6. The poem should be written neatly, and it should be apparent that you put forth your best effort in
writing the poem.
Biome Acrostic Poem Rubric
Fact about temperature
Fact about precipitation
Fact about animal-life
Fact about plant-life
Additional interesting fact
Each line is properly written and relevant to
the biome.
Poem is neatly written and colored, taking up
the entire page.
Total points earned: _________ / 15