Acrostic Poems – 1st Class
Mam cooks and cleans.
Gran is 60.
Running is her hobby
And she likes shopping.
Next week she will cook us chips.
--------------------------------------Gran feeds the hens.
Reading is what she likes
And she cooks the dinner.
Nana is the best.
-------------------------------Gran plays games with us.
Reading is what she likes
And she likes her soaps.
Nothing is too much trouble.
---------------------------------Gran was very nice.
Roses were her favourite too.
And she gave us money.
Now my gran is in heaven.
--------------------------------Gran is the best
Rolling the bread
And at dancing
No one is like my gran.
--------------------------------Gran is very nice indeed.
Run, run, says Gran, when the
Olympics are on.
And she loves me.
Nice gran is not an ordinary gran.
---------------------------------------Gran makes me sausages on Sundays.
Roses grow in her garden.
Apple trees grow too.
New York is her favourite city.
----------------------------------------Gran cooks lots and lots of cakes
Reads the newspaper
Answers the phone and
Never gets cross.
---------------------------------------Gran is great
Runs to the shop
And gets sweets for me.
Nana is the best.
And it makes her lean.
My mom is the best mom.
------------------------------Mom plays badminton.
And she trains us.
Mom looks after us all.
------------------------------Mam cooks my dinner.
And she feeds the dogs.
Mam got a new bag.
------------------------------My Mom is sick.
And she can’t do anything.
My Mom is very good.
-----------------------------Mam cooks my dinner.
And she cleans the house.
Mam goes to bingo.
-----------------------------Mam loves to run
And cook all day.
Mam loves me.
-----------------------------Mam is a great cook.
Anne is her name.
Marie is her middle name.
-------------------------------Mam does the laundry
And she works hard all day.
Mam likes going shopping
And she lets me come with her.
----------------------------------Mam works every week
And when she goes to work
My brothers and I get sad.
----------------------------------My Mam works all day
And she likes to walk too.
Mam likes to dance.
---------------------------------Mam is sweet
And she is very nice.
Mam works on the farm.