4:03 PM - conraddigital

4:03 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok let's get started!
4:03 PM: Andrea Sweeney: ok
4:03 PM: Andrea Sweeney: So what are your roles?
4:03 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I'm the efficiency expert
4:03 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I am the technology expert
4:03 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I was the Collabration Expert
4:04 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I kind of looked at the perspective of a HOTS expert too,
though, since we didn't have one
4:04 PM: Andrea Sweeney: What webquest did you like the best?
4:05 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Conflict Yellowstone Wolves
4:05 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: Which did you like Andrea?
4:05 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: As the collabrative expert, i REALLY liked "Guess Who Is
Coming to Dinner"
4:06 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I preferred beware the ides of march
4:06 PM: Andrea Sweeney: the others were very friustrating with all of teh broken links
4:06 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Those 2 Quests were most likely my favorite
4:07 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I thought The Ides of March was the most user friendly
4:07 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I really liked "Guess Who is Coming to Dinner" a lot. I think
it would take a little more time than the others, however, I think the kids would have a
thorough understanding
4:07 PM: Andrea Sweeney: definitely- the links worked, there was digital notetaking,
blogging, and as the technology expert I like those things
4:07 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: than some of the others I should say
4:08 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I thought the theme of guess who's coming to dinner was
really cute
4:08 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: For this assignment, I couldn't separate myself from my
actual job as Inclusion Teacher and reflect.
4:09 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: Me too! I think it would also be good from a HOTS
prospective because although they are searching for facts, they have to take it to the
next level when creating their dinner party guest list, menu, etc.
4:09 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Yes, Dinner one, would take more time, however, I think
more students could have areas to "shine"
4:09 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: Agreed. I also think that little ones would enjoy it a lot
4:09 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: Maybe not so much high schoolers?
4:09 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Let's discuss Millionaire...
4:10 PM: Andrea Sweeney: They could also create the menu with technology maybe
the invitations too like with a template in pages
4:10 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: From the effieciency view, I thought the Who Wants to Be a
Millionare one would take way too long
4:10 PM: Andrea Sweeney: but- some links don't work!
4:10 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Millionare didn't load for me at first
4:10 PM: Andrea Sweeney: took awhile
4:11 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: links don't work on the dinner party one?
4:11 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Millionaire was an assignment that would be better as an
individual one.
4:11 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: They are to do a ton of research online and then also go out
into the community to find information also
4:11 PM: Andrea Sweeney: In our area- we probably would ahve trouble taking them
into the community
4:12 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Yes and putting students into groups and finding a common
interest of 3 jobs wouldn't be beneficial
4:12 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Strength- Students love who wants to be a millionare
4:12 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Rather - i would ask each student to pick their 3 job interest
4:12 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I think there are more weaknesses though- and not enough
4:12 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: As a HOT, I could see how this quest could be more REAL
LIFE connected
4:13 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: As the techie
4:13 PM: Andrea Sweeney: As the techie I said there is not enough technology
4:13 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: So this one would probably be more towrad the bottom of
our list?
4:13 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Too much extra stuff
4:13 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Hate it
4:13 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: It was lacking resources, such as the calculators - students
had to find one.
4:13 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: which would take even more time
4:14 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Yes, I agree, bottom of the list
4:14 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Ok - guess who's coming to dinner?
4:14 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: LOVED this one.
4:14 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Great quest, to give students ownership as well as
4:14 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Cute task- broken links, technology could be integrated,
but there is nothing more frustrating than when links do not work- How would they get
the info
4:15 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Boring websites toooo
4:15 PM: Andrea Sweeney: too* sorry
4:15 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I would incorporate Library Instruction in regards to
4:15 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: Efficiency Expert- Loved it too. Theme seemed like it would
be motivating - who wouldn't want to plan a part? LIke I said, I think it may take some
time, but I think it would develop a good understanding
4:15 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: of the era
4:15 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: but I can see why a tech expert would be annoyed with the
4:15 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Yes, the party planning would grab students interests
4:16 PM: Andrea Sweeney: It would definitely need revamped though4:16 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I could see using Multiple Intelligences in this assignment
4:16 PM: Andrea Sweeney: updated with resources I mean
4:16 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Ok so this one is toward the top
4:16 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Students with special needs could shine
4:16 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: yea, I was thinking the same thing Jodi - I think it would
really give them an opportunity to use their creativity
4:17 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: well, you're not as impressed right?
4:17 PM: Andrea Sweeney: And we never have time for creativity you know
4:17 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: so for right now let's just say it's above millionaire
4:17 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: not if is not on the PSSA
4:17 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Agreed.
4:17 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Conflict Yellowstone wolves
4:17 PM: Jenna Muccitelli has left the room.
4:18 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I hated this one
4:18 PM: Jenna Muccitelli has entered the room.
4:18 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: oops. I just logged out by accident. Now I can't see the rest
of the conversation
4:18 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I could imagine extending this quest with a mock trial great group activity
4:18 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: what are we talking about?
4:18 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Yellowstone.
4:19 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: oh ok
4:19 PM: Andrea Sweeney: The only reason I say this about Yellowstone is that there is
an entire section that is broken links and they are the only resources for that part
4:19 PM: Andrea Sweeney: How can you write sentences using the resources with NO
4:19 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I liked this one as the efficiency expert because the tasks
are split between group members and then they come back collaborate together which
would be good for time
4:20 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: very true andrea
4:20 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Sometimes that collaboration with technology can take
forever though
4:20 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I DISLIKED the fact that the group had to come to one
conclusion. This should be decided beforehand. Teacher tells students to take a vote,
then introduce quest
4:20 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I can see your point as a classroom teacher and efficiency
expert though
4:21 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: yea, Jodi, that's true - probably a lot of time would be
wasted in the group trying to decide
4:21 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: How could students support a "verdict" if they didn't agree
4:21 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I have trouble sometimes getting a group to come up with
a group name if they have that option let alone make a decision like this
4:21 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: very true very true
4:21 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Yes.
4:22 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok so where would we rank this one in perspective to
millionare and dinner?
4:22 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I say- above millionare below Dinner
4:22 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: One thing as a HOT, you could have the students write an
actual letter to legislatures
4:22 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: yeah that's what I was thinking
4:22 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Agreed.
4:22 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok
4:22 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Tempests of fiction and facts
4:22 PM: Andrea Sweeney: BROKEN LINKS AGAIN all through the process
4:23 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I'm not sure I understood the task correctly on this site? I
thought it was a little confusing
4:23 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: As for collabration, one student would carry all the weight.
4:23 PM: Andrea Sweeney: TRUE
4:23 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Refresh, this is the one with the Poetry, in the intro?
4:24 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I thought it was confusing that it said task is next step or
choose below- some students would be liek ok lets skip to evaluation
4:24 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I thought this one though was too long. It said to plan for it
to take 10 lessons. I'm not sure about other teachers but I don't have time to spend 10
lessons on one topic? Maybe if it were secondary and it was an english/reading class
4:24 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I should see as a Special Ed teacher this quest you could
pair a strong reader with a poor reader, but Id be hesistant to have one student do it all.
4:24 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: but from the second grade efficiency expert view I think it
would be too drawn out
4:25 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Especially Shakespeare- not tested ;)
4:25 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Group size was too big - 5-7 students.
4:25 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok so between yellowstone and this one which do we like
4:25 PM: Andrea Sweeney: It said to search the internet, but I didnt notice links right
4:26 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I think I like Yellowstone better?
4:26 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Yellowstone has more to offer.
4:26 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: me too! I actually had written as a weakness "links not on
website - would take too much time to search whole internet" and then crossed it off
after I realized they were there
4:26 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I like Yellowstone better?
4:27 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I could see "research" if it were like a Custom Google
Search, like we created in Grad Class, but to let the students "roam" not a great idea.
4:27 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: so dinner, yellowstone, tempests, millionaire? or do we like
millionaire better than tempest?
4:27 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Ok- so millionare bottom, tempest, yellowstone, dinner?
4:27 PM: Andrea Sweeney: hmmm
4:27 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: i really liked Dinner
4:27 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Correct!!
4:27 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: we still have one more to discuss...beware the ides of march
4:28 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: loved the Layout
4:28 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I think Millionare at bottom- Although I hate that links are
not obvious in Tempest
4:28 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: Someone refresh my memory on the task of this one?
4:29 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I know that wasn't my role, but imagine Students with ADD
and ADHD, they would LOVE this layout. Not too much information, can go at own pace,
by clicking on each section, not just one whole looooooong quest.
4:29 PM: Andrea Sweeney: ok so its Shakespear again, but its is so catching to read
the intro
4:29 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Jenna, they had to blog.
4:29 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ohhh that's right ok
4:30 PM: Andrea Sweeney: how did caesar influence Shakespear
4:30 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I think this could be completed in a reasonable amount of
4:30 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I like how they could collabration in conversation
4:30 PM: Andrea Sweeney: They are able to digital note take which is great
4:30 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: yea that's a very good point
4:30 PM: Andrea Sweeney: THE LINKS WORK!!!!
4:30 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: YAY!!!!
4:30 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I bet the techie expert loved this one!!!
4:30 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: :)
4:31 PM: Andrea Sweeney: My only complaint was that not every link turned pink after
you accessed it- that may get confusing
4:31 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: so I think we all pretty much like this one?
4:31 PM: Andrea Sweeney: loved it
4:31 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: so would this one be at the top?
4:31 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: yes, i did become confused
4:31 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Yes at the top
4:31 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Does it beat Dinner??
4:31 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: As the Collabration Expert, Dinner is my number 1
4:32 PM: Andrea Sweeney: See I choose Ides of March
4:32 PM: Andrea Sweeney: as the techie
4:32 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I liked dinner too, but I think we our number one needs to
be one we all like..andrea wasn't impressed with dinner from the tech view
4:32 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I could agree with you if I were the techie too.
4:32 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: and since none of us have any major issues with ides
4:32 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ?
4:32 PM: Andrea Sweeney: If it had some major revamping on teh sites- sure
4:33 PM: Andrea Sweeney: But since Ides doesn't need revamping...
4:33 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I like it
4:33 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: True. Ides overall takes the cake
4:33 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: so I would say ides should go to the top? then dinner,
yellowstone, tempests, millionaire
4:33 PM: Andrea Sweeney: So... we will have our dessert first, then dinner;)
4:33 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Agreed.
4:33 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Get it
4:33 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: haha good one
4:34 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: :)
4:34 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok, so how do we do the Google Docs?
4:34 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I mean, I know how to do it but what do we need to put in
4:34 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Ask the TECHIE, ha.
4:34 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Yes- did you get my email- Due the 1st
4:34 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: yes
4:34 PM: Andrea Sweeney: ;(
4:34 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: does someone want to copy/paste our whole convo so we
have it for reference
4:34 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I don't have the first part
4:34 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: i think we all should copy and paste.
4:35 PM: Andrea Sweeney: ok- well I guess we would just put in the points we made,
then invite her to the completed project?
4:35 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: i don't have the first part but I'll copy and paste what I do
4:35 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: i will copy, paste and email to you Jenna
4:35 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok thanks
4:35 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: oh you can print/save right from this screen
4:35 PM: Andrea Sweeney: And put our conclusion
4:35 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Create an outline with each quest as a heading, and then
put our pros & cons
4:36 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok who wants to start it?
4:36 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Do we want to split up the stories, then share
4:36 PM: Andrea Sweeney: i mean webquests
4:36 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: No, i think we all shoudl add to it
4:36 PM: Andrea Sweeney: well we would get the points of view from this chat- then
we can edit it
4:37 PM: Andrea Sweeney: We would all be writing the same things
4:37 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: I'll start it..but it won't be until Sunday
4:37 PM: Andrea Sweeney: BUT_ we could make a wikispace, each become a member
and edit it
4:37 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I would LOVE to use Wikispaces
4:37 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I started one
4:37 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: that's fine with me too just let me know what to do
4:38 PM: Andrea Sweeney: for this, but wasn't sure if we should use it
4:38 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Ok I'll send you the link4:38 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok
4:38 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: in my email or...?
4:38 PM: Andrea Sweeney: http://groupdeduc582.wikispaces.com/
4:39 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Sounds great!
4:39 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Are you members? if not join, then sign in, ask me to be a
member and I'll approve it
4:39 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok it says click on edit button..i dont see an edit button?
4:40 PM: Andrea Sweeney: you can't edit unless you ask me to be a member
4:40 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: How do I ask to be a member?
4:41 PM: Andrea Sweeney: click on the left hand side where it says join this wiki
4:41 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I have a name, but I can't remember it
4:41 PM: Andrea Sweeney: you can make a new one
4:42 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: i just made one
4:42 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: how do I write?
4:42 PM: Andrea Sweeney: You have to ask me to join
4:42 PM: Andrea Sweeney: by clicking join this wiki
4:42 PM: Andrea Sweeney: then I approve it, then you can write
4:42 PM: Andrea Sweeney: :)
4:43 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok I requested
4:43 PM: Andrea Sweeney: you may have to log in jenna but I approved you
4:44 PM: Andrea Sweeney: edit is now on the top right where it sais protected before
4:44 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: do I click on discussion?
4:44 PM: Andrea Sweeney: no
4:44 PM: Andrea Sweeney: edit
4:44 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: edit navigation?
4:45 PM: Andrea Sweeney: edit- right hand side in green
4:45 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ohh ok
4:45 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: i see it
4:45 PM: Andrea Sweeney: then we can each type the webquest names- and our
4:45 PM: Andrea Sweeney: under our names
4:46 PM: Andrea Sweeney: jodi u ok?
4:46 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Yes. I would like to continue working on the Wikispaces
4:46 PM: Andrea Sweeney: you have to join first
4:47 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Ok. I will join
4:47 PM: Andrea Sweeney: ha
4:47 PM: Andrea Sweeney: where have you been this convo ;)
4:47 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok so we'll just each type our own findings and then..
4:47 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Attempting to navigate this website
4:47 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Then at the end one of us whoever does it first can say our
choice- Wait I'll just do it now
4:48 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Sounds great Jenna.
4:48 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I will look forward to editing this
4:49 PM: Andrea Sweeney: LOOK- THERE IS A LINK TO IT TOO
4:49 PM: Andrea Sweeney: you may have to refresh to see
4:50 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: nice
4:50 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I like that it looks like fruit loops- totally did that on
purpose last night
4:50 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: haha
4:50 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Jenna please enjoy your rehearsal dinner
4:50 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Ok so homework for Thursday- put your thoughts under
your name
4:50 PM: Andrea Sweeney: REMEMBER TO click save
4:50 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok will do! Thanks for creating the wiki andrea! everyone
have a good weekend!
4:50 PM: Andrea Sweeney: Jodi you request to join yet?
4:51 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: I will look forward to working on this.
4:51 PM: Jodi Beiswenger: Thanks EXPERTS!!!
4:51 PM: Andrea Sweeney: I will put our chat on a second page if you need to refer
4:51 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: ok great!
4:51 PM: Andrea Sweeney: It will be named chat- under hom
4:52 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: alright..sounds good!
4:52 PM: Jenna Muccitelli: thanks again
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