COMPUTERS - Past, Present and Future

COMPUTERS - Past, Present and Future
The first computers were invented in the 1960’s, they were big,
and occupied one big science room, because the computers back then were
designed in many parts which are nowadays very tiny.
The first computers had two or more screens, on big brain, floppies
and some big things which are difficult to explain.
At present, the computers are tiny, useful, modern and almost
everybody in the world has one or two. At some schools, the teaching
material is provided with the help of the computer, or is taught by the
computer alone, as is the case of our school.
We know that in our spare time we can use the Internet, which is very
helpful and useful and we can find information there and save it on the
In the future, the computers will probably be tinier than they are now.
In conclusion, we can say that computers have evolved very much.
Andrea Szados