Make Your Proposal Planet Earth Conflict Yellowstone Wolf

Conflict: Yellowstone Wolves
Organize Your Thoughts
From the Eyes of the Rancher
Provide three reasons why the Wolf Reintroduction
Program should NOT be continued.
From the Eyes of the Conservationist
Provide three reasons why the Wolf
Reintroduction Program should continue.
Construct a paragraph showing that you understand the wolf reintroduction issue from both sides. Most
importantly, the paragraph should catch the reader's attention. (Do not include your thesis sentence.)
Now it's time for you to "get off the fence" and take a stand. What do you believe should be done about
the Wolf Reintroduction Program? Write one well crafted sentence that states your position. Do not
give an explanation.
List three statistics, facts, or statements that you found during your research that supports your side of the
issue. Be sure to include the name of the article where the information was located.
Write a paragraph that uses the concrete support that you identified above. Be sure to tell the reader where
you obtained your information. Be sure to include a possible consequence to your solution.
Write a conclusion paragraph below. The paragraph should attempt to make the reader care
about your position. You want your reader's support, so include an appeal to your reader.