Reflection on NTP PrepCom_Huaping Liu

Experience of NGOs’ Engagement in UN System
Reflection on NPT PrepCom
Huaping Liu
Firstly, through the whole process of this workshop from Adam’s introduction in email
about our program, to the confirmation letter from 2014 NPT Preparatory Committee, then
the all activities I participated during the committee, I have understood clearly how an
NGO and its members can be eligible to participate the open meetings of the NPT
PrepCom. I once studied NGOs in nuclear disarmament field and in UN system as well in
theory. But this time I was provided a very good practical opportunity to verify and
experience the real engagement of NGOs in UN system.
Secondly, attending the PrepCom Plenary Session on peaceful use of nuclear energy
is a great experience. Listening to the speeches from each country’s representative and
comparing the similarities and differences among the speeches were very exciting. The
speeches from EU, Russia, US, China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba gave me deep impression. It
seems to me that almost all non-nuclear weapon states opposed any precondition for
nuclear peaceful use. On the other side, nuclear weapon states mainly focused on how
and how much they had done to helping the other countries’ nuclear peaceful use. There
was no evident bargain or confrontation between nuclear and non-nuclear weapon states
in peaceful use regard if my understanding is correct.
Thirdly, the forum of The WMD Free Zone in the Middle East: Constructive Proposals
for the Helsinki Process by a Six Continent Initiative hosted by Peace Research Institute
Frankfurt was very helpful due to its well-prepared materials and distinguished speakers
from much diversified regions in the world, and fields both from academic area and
decision-makers. According to the pre-provided materials, participators could easily
understand the contents of the speeches. All proposals and suggestions raised at the
forum are very enlightening for further discuss on WMD Free Zone in The Middle East.
Although attempts to organize a conference in Helsinki on the zone in 2012 ended in
failure, and to my understanding, all experience of the other Nuclear Free Zones are very
hard to be applied to the Middle East, continuous efforts and discussion could bring a
gleam of hope.