Three Mile Island Accident

Kelsey Perkins
 This is Three
Mile Island
 Three Mile Island was a Nuclear Power Plant
near Harrison, Pennsylvania
 It happened on March 28, 1979
 This was the 31st anniversary
 It was one of the most serious commercial
Nuclear power plant meltdowns in the USA
 But it didn’t cause any deaths or injuries.
 The accident began about 4:00 a.m.
 The plant experienced a failure in the
secondary, non-nuclear section of the plant.
 And then the main feed water pumps shut
 That made a lot of build up in the system
 It was basically machine malfunction that
caused the meltdown
 On paper, yes it seems to be the safest form
of energy
 People seem to think that these machines
and everything wont blow or something
mechanical will ever go wrong
 Which it is a slim chance something would
 But not impossible
 On paper, it seems as if it is the best way to
make energy
 Not taking into consideration the likely hood
of something as a meltdown happening
 It’s a very green way to get energy
 Because it doesn’t omit any toxic chemicals
or CO2 into the air
 And they keep all of the uranium they use in
special containers underwater.