New Visions Communications Action Team Minutes

New Visions Communications Action Team Minutes
December 1, 2015
NV Mission: To develop and maintain conditions for collaborative and positive change in
Lawrence County.
NV Vision: To connect, build and foster an environment for collaborative change and create a
greener, cleaner, safer and more prosperous Lawrence County.
Attendees: Heather Nitch, Ralph Pisciuneri, Tim Thomas, Larry Corvi
New Visions Update, Larry Corvi, Executive Director
a.) Destination Downtown Action Team plans Holly, Jolly, Holiday, Express Dec. 5
b.) Clean and Green released 2016 plan of work includes a number of clean ups and
two projects including a community garden and park near courthouse on East
Washington Street.
c.) NV Christmas Mixer 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16 at the Confluence.
Volunteers Needed for Communications Action Team, All
a.) Heather said she is making some contacts.
b.) We discussed contacting those volunteers on the CAT email list to find out why
they aren’t attending.
c.) Larry mentioned Jackie Meade had a conflict tonight (as did Joe Grimm).
Developing an elevator speech for New Visions (about 2 minutes in length).
a.) Larry said these are some of the NV core values: collaboration, inclusive,
connectors, grassroots, a movement, greener, cleaner, transparent, shared vision,
facilitators, using collective impact model, citizen driven, planners, problem
solvers, respectful, positive.
b.) Elevator speeches contain: Who? Why? How? What?
c.) We liked using the STAR model Tim suggested: Situation, Task, Action, Result
d.) S…Describing our Situation. Who: New Visions is? Volunteers, a movement,
grassroots, connectors, collaborators, trust builders, planners
e.) T ..Task What: What NV is about? What is our task? Collaborating, connecting,
image changers, building consensus, improving quality of life, revitalizing
f.) A…Actions NV takes includes: collaboration, connecting, relationship building,
standing up, cleaning up, revitalizing, making existing organizations better
g.) R…Results: Beautification, events downtown, organized merchants downtown,
downtown concerts, Autumn Whispers, Holly Jolly Holiday Express, new
relationship with city and county government, new relationship with existing
organizations (chamber, TPA, LCEDC, etc.), new volunteers and awareness of
NV in community. A growing community.
h.) Our task: use these notes to develop sample elevator speech by next monthly
Communications Action Team Meeting Tuesday, January 5 @ 6 p.m.
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