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WEBSITES/Language Arts Teachers
Charlotte Bronte
Emily Bronte
Chaucer (teacher developed site)
In 1949 Arthur Miller wrote an article for The New York Times defending his use of a common man is an otherwise
classically tragic story
An Interview with Arthur Miller
Art to Enchant: Illustrators and Shakespeare
Hamlet in the Classroom
Professor Michael Delahoyde's site (Washington State University)
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet:
Two self-scored objective tests on Hamlet from Gonzaga:
Study of Shakespeare and rhetoric:
Chinua Achebe
William Faulkner:
Toni Morrison: Beloved
American Slave Narratives
Toni Morrison's Novels
Features - Toni Morrison's Feminist Portrayal of Racism
Tim O'Brien/keynote address at Brown University's WRITING
VIETNAM conference.
The New Republic archive of classic reviews
John Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath
A variety of authors
Online Writing Lab:
The Writing Program:
not opening
Jack Lynch, “Getting an A on an English Paper”
Elements of Style:
The Writing Assistant:
Guide to Grammar and Writing:
Grammar Bytes:
Writer’s Guide:
"A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices"
American Rhetoric (Dedicated to rhetoric and public communication in the U.S. -- archive of speeches
Grammar tips:
The Writing Den
English Learners’ Site
Resources for Writers:
Language Conventions
"How to Write a Summary"
A Handbook of rhetorical terms at Virtual Salt has excellent examples
of these and many other terms. Address below.
Literary terms
Effective for literary terms flashcards:
Literary Criticism
Literary Criticism
Literary Criticism
Literary Criticism:
Arts and Letters, a gold mine
Criticism and Literary Theory
Literary Resources:
English Resources from UK
Internet Medieval Source Book:
Virtual Literature (a site supported by Bedford St. Martins Anthology of Literature)
Southern Folktales and Ghost Stories:
Romantic Circles:
American Literature:
English and American Literature:
Resources for Study of English
Frankenstein resources
Gutenberg bibles /in Latin:
American Literature Timeline:
British Lit Timeline:
Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness
Hypertext Annotation
Achebe/Heart of Darkness
Romeo and Juliet Webquest
Short stories focusing on point of view
"A Telephone Call" Dorothy Parker
"A and P" John Updike
"The Use of Force" William Carlos Williams
"Mademoiselle Pearl" Guy de Maupassant
"The Tryst" Ivan Turgenev
Short Stories focusing on non-participant point of view
"The Only Rose" Sarah Orne Jewett
"The Story of an Hour" Kate Chopin
"The Boarding House" James Joyce
"The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" Katherine Anne Porter
"The Minister's Black Veil" Nathaniel Hawthorne
"The Shadow in the Rose Garden" D. H. Lawrence
Poetry/literary terms resource
Irish poets, thematically paired with comprehension and discussion questions
Links to literary journals, chapbooks, and
online poetry sites.
Poetry Site:
John Donne
Poetry Daily
Click the poet's name to see a list of literary criticism:
Rock n' Roll lesson
Poet Laureate, Billy Collins, Poetry 180, a poem for every school day not to be studied and analyzed but to be enjoyed
Allusions in songs:
Annotated Grateful Dead site.
References to Hamlet, folktales, nursery rhymes, etc. Each allusion is linked to its explanation.
Songs Inspired by Literature
Also, Mark Miazga has a wonderful web site for African American poetry
. I used portions of it last year with my regular 11th grade class and they loved it--particularly, the contest, the social
issue poems ("Power" project was a great hit), and the tie in to music.
"The World is Too Much with Us"
"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"
"It Is a Beauteous Evening Calm and Free"
"Kubla Khan"
"Frost at Midnight"
"On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer"
"When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be"
Met Museum, slide and info presentation/unit on The Art of Renaissance Europe
College Board
Library of Congress:
Dictionaries, Thesauri, Almanacs:
Elements of Style:
Symbolism dictionary:
Oxymoron site:
Go to html/services-academic
Then teachersguides.html
Literary e-texts
Essays, novels, novellas, short stories, poem
Project Bartleby
Classic Short Stories
Internet Poetry Archive
Donne: "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning"
Internet Public Library
ETEXT Archives
Sonnet Central
Lost Poets of the Great War:
Poetry Online: Emily Dickinson’s Poems Read Aloud
Bibliomania: free on line literature and study guides:
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Classic Literature (but "classic" here include Secret Garden and Tom Swift..)
Short stories, classic and contemporary, a fun site
The ON-Line Books Page at Penn
Teacher Projects and/or AP Class
Beowulf Resources
PowerPoint on Beowulf
Tom Murphy, AP teacher, Class site
An Index to The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien
WebQuest on Shakespeare
Click on AP/IB
Then go to center of page and click on Advanced Placement English 12
This is a discussion board website for teachers that is free
I love this website to help teach students about logic...there are even teacher units on this related to English.
Cheap Book Sites:
All books are $1.00--Many classics
Wholesale (minimum purchase required)
50%-90% discount
Lists of urls for individual works such as The Awakening, Billy Budd, Beowulf/Grendel, Invisible Man, Oedipus,
Hamlet, Frankenstein and Faustus/Sample student work
--Cindy Adams
For those who use cartoons as prompts to discussion or writing or to
help teach tone, mood, satire, and such, Slate has a collection of tens
of thousands of newspaper and magazine cartoons. The site has some
lesson ideas, but the big attraction is the search feature. It starts
AP resources
Visit this dynamic Wiki. You can add resources to this site and use it with colleagues!
Password: SVL
Homework Hub
Short Stories
Teaching fallacies/ Max Shulman’s “ Love is a Fallacy
Narrative voice by Sara Tusek
"How It Feels to Be Colored Me" is reprinted on this site
Metaphor/Metonymy examples
Free Downloadable books from Georgia Professor”s website:
Smith's book on unreliable narrators is on this site
Science sites from Mary Mitchell, FLVS
How to Do research
Compiled by Sharon Johnston,
Updated June 2007