Outline and Study Guide

Microbiology 250-Spring, 2016
Chapter 2 Outline and Study Guide
Textbook Readings
Brock Biology of Microorganisms Chapter 2 Textbook Pages: 25-72
Read all sections of the Chapter. There will be less emphasis on Sections I and VII. You
will learn about light microscopy in your microbiology lab and the structure of eukaryotic
cells was covered in BIOL 202. The main emphasis for this chapter will be on
prokaryotic cell structure and diversity.
Other Readings and Assignments
No other readings or assignments at this time. Other reading/writing/viewing/internet
assignments may be made later.
The mini-quizzes scattered throughout this chapter are important! Use these mini-quizzes
as ways to assess your understanding of concepts as you read.
Big Ideas
The Big Ideas at the end of the Chapter (pp. 69-70) are important! These big ideas
articulate and emphasize the main point of each chapter sub-section. You should be
familiar with and understand these big ideas.
Key Terms
You will need to have a solid understanding of the Key Terms presented on page 71.
These vocabulary terms are the building blocks for your understanding of the principles
of microbiology.
Key terms that appear in the assigned chapter reading material and on the power point
slides are more important than terms that do not appear in both places
Review and Application Questions
The Review and Application Questions on Page 72 are important. You should use these
questions to help guide you in your study of microbiology and your preparation for
course exams. These questions help you to look at facts, concepts, big ideas and key
terms in different ways and they also help you to understand relationships.
For the Exam
Mini-Quiz, Big Ideas, Key Terms, Review and Application Questions material as
described above may appear in some form on one of your course examinations. Other
lecture material, writing and homework material may also appear in some form on the
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