Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis
My Rhetorical analysis paper is on an article by James Baldwin called, “If Black English
isn’t a Language, then tell me, what is?” I believe that James Baldwin’s article is unfounded and has no point. I feel when talking about an issue of race, one most leave clear
and supported points, and Baldwin’s article failed to do this. My rhetorical analysis
should prove my thesis correct. I’ll be analyzing Baldwin’s credibility, his emotional
appeal, and his logic of the argument.
First we start with James Baldwin’s credibility in his argument. James was born in
Harlem, New York, in 1924. He’s wrote several popular novels before switching his
emphasis to civil rights. Participation in the civil rights movement does in fact give
Baldwin credibility to discuss his beliefs of “Black English”.
Don’t let the title throw you, it has nothing to do with the audience, and actually just
confuses. I feel James’s audience is predominantly unknown, because James speaks in a
way to prove something. Could he be proving a point to the black audience, of the
importance of there race’s influence in American language? Could he be trying to prove
that same point to the white audience? For example, the way he describes the necessity of
black culture in America. When he says “Black English lets the nation get a glimpse of
reality,” (pg 46) falls toward a more white audience. All together Baldwin doesn’t seem
to have a particular audience.
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