Capsim Strategy Report
Team Baldwin
Eric Chen
Prachi Garg
Jeff Helmick
Jennifer Li
February 16, 2014
Our business objective is to provide innovative products for discerning customers that
want technology that is considered to be on the cutting edge of the industry.
Longer-term business objectives of Team Baldwin are as follows:
Secure exclusivity by obtaining trademarks and patents.
Ensure adequate supply, inventory, and distribution channels.
Conduct extensive research to precisely identify the market and
develop additional, accurate promotion plans for that segment.
We have adopted a niche differentiation strategy that will make our products unique and
desired. We will continue to improve performance and size, which will allow us to price
above market averages. Our goal is to have superior operational effectiveness, and have a
superior marketing strategy that will establish the brand as the vanguard of the industry.
Organizational Structure
The Baldwin tem is comprised of the following members:
Prachi Garg-Team Leader/Production Manager
Eric Chen-Marketing Manager
Jennifer Li- Finance Department Manager
Jeff Helmick-Research and Development Manager
All strategy decisions and inputs are made collectively during weekly meetings. Input
results are also reviewed and adjustments are made if necessary. It was decided early in
the process if any conflict would arise between members, issues would be handled at the
lowest possible level, and a majority-rule decision-making process proved most useful for
our organizational style.
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