Oedipus Rex Activities

Oedipus Rex Activities
Scene 1 (pages 211-219)
Write all answers in complete sentences. If you need more space, use the back.
Scene 1
1. Explain the dramatic irony of lines 207-208 and lines 245-255.
2. According to Oedipus, what is going to happen to Laius’s murderer when he is found (include
line numbers with your answer)?
3. Give a line or set of lines that indicates Oedipus’s impatient attitude. Explain how the lines
indicate impatience.
4. Why is line 347 important?
5. Compare Oedipus’ first words concerning Teiresias (lines 287-303) to his later words for the seer
(372-389). How has his attitude changed? How do you know? What does this reveal about the
character of Oedipus?
6. What does Teiresias mean in line 425?
7. Teiresias is a blind prophet. Explain how that is ironic.
Ode 1
What does the Chorus seem to think of the accusation byTeiresias? How do you know? Why do
you think they feel that way?
Oedipus Rex Scene 2 and Ode 2 Activities
Explain in detail the importance of the following sets of lines.
Be sure to point out instances of irony.
1. 498-499
2. 550-559
3. 619-622
4. 661. Is Oedipus’s statement accurate?
5. 665-684 (What is Jocasta trying to convince Oedipus of? What is her “proof”? Why is it ironic?)
6. 700-701
7. 713-720
8. 735-751
9. 760-772
10. 798-803
11. Explain the relationship (not kinship) between Creon and Oedipus. Give support for your
12. Explain the relationship (again, not kinship) between Jocasta and Oedipus. Give support for your
13. How is suspense created at the end of the scene?
Ode 2 (p. 234-235)
14. Sum up what the chorus says about 2 kinds of Pride.
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