Oedipus Rex Socratic Seminar Prep Notes Quotes Questions Notes

Oedipus Rex Socratic Seminar Prep Notes
 “Cast me immediately from this land somewhere I can avoid all mortal
speech.” (Sophacles,60)
 “Under whose guidance I was to kill my own father? But he died and sleeps
below the earth; and I am here without touching a spear-unless somehow
he perished for losing for me, and thus died by me but still Polybus has
taken those prophecies as they are worthless with him and lies in hades.”
 “People are naturally good; society corrupts them.” (Jean Jacques
 Imagine if you were Oedipus and just found out the truth do you think you
would react the same way? Why or why not?
 Why do you think Tiresias did not tell Oedipus the truth from the very
 Why do you think Oedipus’s foster parents did not tell him the truth when
he asked about the prophecy?
 I don’t think it is possible to have a good king. I see it as if someone has that
kind of power they will eventually be corrupted because I feel no one man
can handle all that power.
 I think Creon would be a better king than Oedipus because he seems more
cautious and not as quick to make decisions like Oedipus was.
 I think it’s better to know the truth always other than going around being
completely blind to whatever the truth may be.
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