Assignment 5: Read Exodos

English 9
Assignment 5: Exodus (67-81)
1. What are two functions of the EXODUS in Greek Drama? Where do you see these
elements in this scene? The Messenger relay’s all the horrific details summarizing the tragic
ending. However, the audience gets to see the changed Oedipus who provides a stark
contrast to the character that we met at the beginning of the play. What information does
the messenger provide?
2. What kind of TRAGIC SITUATION did Oedipus face? What did Oedipus use tear out
his eyes? Why does he blind himself rather than kill himself? Is Oedipus guilty? What, if
anything, do you sympathize with in this story? Why does he suffer? Does he deserve to
3. In Exodus the messenger says: “The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.” Do
you agree – was this tragedy caused by FATE or FREE WILL?
4. With what attitude towards the god’s does this play leave you? By inflicting a plague
upon Thebes, by cursing both the people and their king, do the gods seem cruel, unjust, or
tyrannical? Or are they just in their dealings with humans? Does the play show any
reverence towards them?
5. What Doom sent like a sudden cloud or a nightfall of the past? Why do you think so?