Commencement program - Quinnipiac University

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School of Business
S c h o o l o f C o m m u n i c at i o n s
S c h o o l o f E d u c at i o n
S at u r d a y t h e N i n t h o f M a y
Two Thousand and Fif teen
Ten o’clock
A Message
from the
ongratulations to you and to all the members of the Class of 2015 who have
successfully completed a Quinnipiac University degree program. I also extend a
warm welcome to your families and friends who have encouraged you during your years
at Quinnipiac.
The entire University community joins me in wishing you the very best in your future
endeavors. I encourage you to be active alumni in shaping the future of Quinnipiac.
Your involvement will ensure that the same quality education you enjoyed will continue
for those students who follow you.
We are proud of your achievements and successes at Quinnipiac and are certain you will
continue to excel in your professional and personal lives.
Best regards,
John L. Lahey
Suite from Terpsichore
Michael Praetorius
Pomp and Circumstance
Sir Edward Elgar
Call to Commencement
Mark A. Thompson, Executive Vice President and Provost
Andrew Ober, Protestant Chaplain
John L. Lahey, President
Nancy Dunn, Class of 2015
Conferral of Honorary Degree
John L. Lahey
Mark A. Thompson
Stew Leonard Jr.
Citation: David A. Tomczyk, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Introduction of Commencement Speaker
Mark A. Thompson
Commencement Address
Stew Leonard Jr.
Presentation of Candidates for Degrees and Awards
Mark A. Thompson
School of Business Matthew L. O’Connor, Dean
School of Communications Lee Kamlet, Dean
School of Education Kevin G. Basmadjian, Dean
Conferral of Degrees
John L. Lahey
Andrew Ober
Amor Vittorioso
G. Gastoldi
A. Valenti
Please remain seated until the Commencement procession files out.
Honorary Degree
Stew Leonard Jr.
tew Leonard Jr. is president and CEO of Stew Leonard’s, a unique family-owned
and operated dairy and farm-fresh food store in Norwalk, Connecticut.
Since he took over as CEO in 1991, the company has grown to include two additional
stores in Connecticut and one in Yonkers, New York, as well as nine independently
owned wine stores in the tri-state area. A fifth grocery store is scheduled to open on
Long Island in 2016.
When Stew’s father—Stew Leonard Sr.—founded the dairy store in 1969, with just
seven employees, he never imagined the small enterprise would grow to become one of
the area’s most renowned grocery stores, with annual sales of almost $400 million and
close to 2,000 employees.
The New York Times has called Stew Leonard’s the “Disneyland of Dairy Stores”
because of its country-fair atmosphere, with costumed characters and a bevvy of singing
and dancing animatronic robots throughout the store. The company is in The Guinness
Book of World Records for having “the greatest sales per unit area of any single food
store in the United States.”
Stew Jr. earned an undergraduate degree from Ithaca College and an MBA in
marketing/finance from UCLA. The recipient of numerous awards and accolades,
including the Dale Carnegie Leadership Award and Retailer of the Year, Stew Jr. has
appeared on many national TV shows sharing his expertise and the store’s business
He and his wife, Kim, have four daughters. They started Stew Leonard III Children’s
Charities, which has raised millions to promote water safety among children.
Academic Honors
College of Arts and Sciences
Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership
Award, Educational Leadership
Alison C. Matwiejczuk
Academic Excellence Award
MS in Molecular and Cell Biology
Eleni Stoubi
School of Health Sciences
School of Business
William B. Shaffer Jr. Award
Colin J. Shaughnessy
Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Olivia V. Sheffield-Thergood
Academic Excellence Award
MHS, Medical Laboratory Sciences
Edrous Alamer
Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
MS in Information Technology
Michael Anthony DeYorio
Academic Excellence Award
MHS, Pathologists’ Assistant
Emily M. Ragaglia
Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
MS in Organizational Leadership
Timothy Mattson
Academic Excellence Award
MHS, Physician Assistant
Jennifer L. Silva
School of Communications
Academic Excellence Award
MHS, Radiologist Assistant
Michael James William Aldridge
Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
MS in Interactive Media
Vivian Marino
Academic Excellence Award
Entry-level Master’s in
Occupational Therapy
Nicole K. Meringola
Catherine M. Murray
Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
MS in Journalism
Katherine M. Jurgens
Florian Schoppmeier
Academic Excellence Award
Post-Professional Doctor of
Occupational Therapy
Shannon L. Scott
Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
MS in Public Relations
Alexandria Dane Broytman
Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
MS in Sports Journalism
Timothy D. Schulze
Gaylord Specialty Healthcare Carissa
Neubig Scholarship for Physical Therapy
Jaclyn M. Keleher
Hannah J. Wood
School of Education
Mark F. Tantorski Memorial Award
Robert J. Roller Jr.
Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching
Award, MAT in Elementary Education
Stephanie Suzanne Stasiak
Academic Excellence Award
Master of Social Work
Sophie Masur
Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching
Award, MAT in Secondary Education
Michael Salvatore Alfano
School of Nursing
Excellence in Scholarship and Leadership
Award, Teacher Leadership
Michael A. Barry
Academic Excellence Award
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Laura C. Caneira
School of Business
Natasha Milagros Figueroa
George Philip Fracasse III
Alicia A. Giaimo
Maria D. Giaimo
Jason Giest
Donald Gillotti
Michael Giorgio
Matthew D. Glennon *
Daniel Golenbock
Thomas J. Grande II
Guangdi Guo
Christina Nicole Hartnack
Marcus Mohammed Harun
Robert C. Hay
Ashley Elizabeth Hayes
Steven C. Hodge
Joseph Bradley Hopper
Emmanuel Justin Howard
Ian Edward Jackson
Kellen Terrance Jones
Kortney J. Kesses
Francis Kissi
SriSavithaDevi Kolla
Ashley N. Kopacki
Michael Jude Lacqua
Thomas Michael Larson
Amanda Maria LaSala
Jessica E. LeTourneau
Yinghua Liu
Ryan Taylor-Laddy Locks
Mattheau J. Lucas
Periklis George Maheras
Erin Catherine Mannix
Stanley Joseph Martone
Justin Taylor Maryea
Shweta Massey
Amber Nicole Mata
Bernadette M. Mele
Brianna Margaret Mello
John William Midy
Chris Allen Miller
Kalpesh A. Mistry
Gregg E. Moffatt-Helming
Nathan Moffie
Jennifer C. Monica
Marcia C. Monteiro
Andrew W. Mostone *
Sulav Mukherjee
Thomas P. Naples Jr.
Alexandra Ashley Nardelli
Briana Nash
Linsha Nie
M aster of
Business A dministration
Joseph Chapin Addonizio
Jennifer Zoey Adler
Lisa Marie Alessandrello
Alyssa Jane Altman
Zoe Elizabeth Atlas *
Brittany Auerbach
Jasmine Kaur Bajwa
Charles Barnes
Jordan Seth Bayroff
Andrew James Benoit
Francis D. Benoit
Matthew David Benoit
Devon Elizsabeth Bethanis
Joseph S. Boates
Jacob Joseph Botte
Sean Francis Boyle
Michael William Breslawski
Margaret Hunnewell Brown
David Burgos
Christopher William Caldari
Christopher Camasso
Alexander Jerry Capozziello
Thomas Arthur Cappas
Molly Rose Carroll
Loredana C. Caruso
Raquel Cid
Kathryn Cohen
Catherine Elisabeth Colucci
Christine M. Conroy
Eric J. Cushman
Lauren Marie Dallo
Matthew S. D’Amato
Jeffrey M. D’Ambrosio
John P. Daniels
Meredith DelVecchio
Michael Robert DePasquale
Antonio A. Dionizio
Kunjan Divatia
Magdalena Anna Domka
Alex Dreissen
Steve Dario Ducos
Nancy Dunn
Joseph Duplinsky
Attila Erdely
Anthony Nicholas Fabrico
Daniel Patrick Federico
Patricia I. Feliciano
*Joint JD/MBA
Matthew Nolin
Shayna O’Donohue
Gregory George Okoniewski
Paul Nathan Oliver
Whitney Jeanne Orawiec
Alessandra Panno
Jung Young Park
Alan Daniel Pease
Joseph K. Pedersen
Adam Peterson
Kaitlin Teresa Prendergast
Michael Stanley Prim
John Carlo Punis Jr.
Brianna Elizabeth Quinn
Erica Michelle Reiss
Dimitri Cole Restaino
Michael Daniel Ricciardi
Andrew M. Richards
Devin Joseph Riemer
Kyle Joseph Riether
Leah V. Robson
Peter A. Rodriguez
Daniel A. Roel
Quentin G. Ross
Katelynn A. Rourke
Mark A. Russo
Christina L. Sachse
John F. Salling
Usha Sangam
John P. Santoro
Peter W. Schulte
Melissa Wendy Schwartz
Kunal Sewani
Wenqian Shao
Olivia V. Sheffield-Thergood
Shannon Duffy Smith
Shannon Lea Stack
Carl Daniel Mark Standish
Todd Stankiewicz
Gabrielle Caroline Stasiowski
Heather Stewart
Matthew J. Stewart
Mark Stolzenberg
Erin G. Sweeney
Julie E. Swiderski
Jeffrey Tellmann
Kyle A. Thompson
Joshuaine M. Toth
Lindsay Amanda Trifon
Daniel Tubik
Matthew John Turselli
Adam J. Tusia *
Alex F. Tusia
Ann Marie Vail *
*Joint JD/MBA
Chase Anders Vajcovec
Jessica Vajcovec
John Christopher Varriano
Erin Lynn Vivero
Ninos Warda
Zachary Owen Watkins
Jing Wen
Jonathan B. Wetmore
Caitlin R. White
Tyler William Yanosy
Wanqi Yao
Whitney Young
Melissa Jean Zaffin
Lorenzo Zangari
Rachel Elizabeth Zarra
Ruijie Zhang
Shanna Zhou
Health Care Management
Lauren Cecelia Day
Christopher S. Gaus
Kyle Elizabeth Hunchak
Vales Jeanpaul
Nancy Klotz
Mignonne R. McDaniel
Sandra L. Perkins
Linda Pettine
David Andrew Weis
Jonathan J. Wrubel
Michelle L. Zelek
M aster of Science
Information Technology
Craig W. Bernier
Michael C. Blair
Logan Brown
Mathew Joseph Buono
Tony Colmone
Eduardo M. Contreras
Brendan Dean Czerwonka
Michael Anthony DeYorio
Adam Robert Dickenson
Robert Hokunson III
Arkadiusz Jakubowski
Reginald Jones II
Yoon S. Kim
Jeffrey H. Le
Raymond R. Martin
Frantz Paulemon
Vinyetta Phelmetta
Matthew Robert Torsiello
Organizational Leadership
Nancy Sherman Logel
London Lomax
Marie Anne Lopez-Reyes
Robert E. Love
Kara Daly Mack
Susan Kathleen Maksomski
Shaylee A. Malek
Matthew Mariani
Timothy Mattson
LaRie Jean McGruder
Janele McKay
Sheena McMahon
Erin Elizabeth McMurray
Yesenia A. Mendez
Shawn Jay Mierau
Brandon C. Miller
David B. Monica
James Nealy Jr.
Kerri Ann Osborne
Jennifer Paradis
Krupa Patel
Pratheba Periasamy
William A. Riga Jr.
Amanda Leigh Robertshaw
Amy Lynn Rosen
Deborah Lee Rudroff
Alex Sheridan
Pierrette Comulada Silverman
Paul Sobkiewicz
David R. Sperry
Lori Ann Stancil
Melissa L. Stemmer
Jamie L. Stewart
Bryant Patrick Sullivan
Merrill Theriault
Christine Thoering
Camber K. Uhlman
Amy Ann Vigneux
Karen-Marie Wagner
Tara A. Werner
Joan Carol Williams
Jason Daniel Wolf
Chris P. Wolfrum
Melisa Yeoman
Rachelle Anne Zaretzky
Motolani Adeboye-Daini
Paula Ann Ardel
Marisa M. Augeri
Brittany Baines
Robert Alan Bartholomew
Melinda K. Black
Jenny Bonelli
Michael A. Burke
Elizabeth A. Cabral
Elizabeth Deirdre Callahan
Zachary Canada
David Paul Caprio Jr.
Emily Christine Casey
Susan Casey
Brett Kempton Cass
Terri Lynn Chapman
Rajan Chattanathan
Antonio Ciaramella
Lisa Ciccomascolo
Lori Ann Connors
Susan M Daddio
Elizabeth Degano
Joseph Daniel Diaferio
Joseph Brandon DiLiberto
Jenna Marie Duff
Agnes Erickson
Robbi Lee Farrow
Karianne Nicole Fattig
Troy M. Ferrucci
Natalie Forbes
Sharon Eileen Foy Baird
Evan Kyle Franco
Jacqueline Helen Gabriele
Sandra Diane Gardner
Venice Gaspard-Auguste
Ryan Daniel Godbey
Maria Dolores Gomez
Antoinette Gordon
Sherman D. Gregory
John Eric Grieco
Nona L. Guarino
Holly Hawkins
Stephanie R. Hedberg
Jean-Robert Herard
Amanda Rae Holland
Susan Impellizzieri
Chalyce R. Jacobs
Michael John Jager
Andrea L. Kale
Jessica Catherine Keeley
Mariah Kindle
Larissa Lacman
Michael J. Lauro
School of Communications
Nicole Elizabeth Ramai
Shannon Monique Reynolds
Waxi Sargent
Justin A. Schussler
Stephen Scott
Ryan Matthew Segda
Quinn Sendall
Emily A. Sheehy
Michele E. Snow
Michael Steve
Alicia Strain
Alyna Torres
Marina Nicole Torres
Victoria Anne Verderame
Anna Katherine Wagner
Tiana Payne Wineglass
Rachael S. Wolensky
M aster of Science
Interactive Media
Megan Elizabeth Ahrenberg
Alejandro Gabriel Amoretti
Alycia Marie Astarita
Samantha Baron
Sharalyn Rae Benko
Kristyn JoAnne Brownell
Anna Lily Brundage
Marc Richard Buono
James William Bush
Adriana Marie Cali
Ann Marie Carcia-Gagliardi
Amanda Kay Carlson
Eric Clemons
Katelin Ann Collard
Holly Marie Cooper
Maria Angela Di Salvo
Justin James Dubin
Megan K. Farquharson
Anthony Michael Futia
Maura E. Gladys
Kevin Tyron Goode
Kyle Miller Gravitte
Rachel Gregorio
Keith Raymond Hagarty
Jessica Harvey
Monica Lynn Haynes
Vanessa Lynn Heinzelman
Corryn K. Henry
Frank James Hines
Jay Anthony Holt
John K. Johnson II
Clarinda Ann Kersey
Robert Michael Lahoda
Deanna Lavender
Jesse Michael Lucatino
Anna C. Magliaro
Sheridan Mae Marfil
Vivian Marino
Jason Miguel Martins
Nadine Maria Matthews
Krista Lee Meyers
Jennifer Mower
Amaris N. Mujica
Sabrina Ogle
Alexis Leandra Ott
Kimberly M. Palencia
Taylor Marie Parsons
Steven Raboin
Ana P. Diez Canseco
Joseph Cioffi
Azubuike O. Ejiochi
Katherine M. Jurgens
Melissa M. Rosman
Florian Schoppmeier
James A. Williams
Public Relations
Alexandria Dane Broytman
Bethany K. Buckholz
Valerie F. Driscoll
Katherine Rose Glidden
Janelle O. Joseph
Darrin D. Mortenson
Pamela Sharo
Kacey Berecz Shepherd
Theodora J. Spicer
Hillary Margaret Titus
Sports Journalism
Timothy D. Schulze
Abigail E. Whitaker
School of Education
Alyssa Katherine Dunn
Jennifer Mara Finkel
Christine Lynn Fletcher
Victoria Lynn Formica
Plaisy Gomes
David M. Grande
Wells Evely Griffin
Danielle Untessah Griffiths
Stephany Aryn Griswold
Suela Halili
Rebecca Flores Harper
Kaelyn Nicole Hawekotte
Stephanie N. Jackson
Lauren Holop Kaufman
Ashley Lillian Kivela
Shawn Edward McClory
Tess Alexandra McKeon
Matthew George McPartland
John Daniel Molino
Paige A. Moore
Anna Elizabeth O’Connell
Cera Lee-Anne Orner
Morgan Ann Pellecchia
Christina Phyllis Perfetto
Andrew M. Rivera
Erica Lynn Romano
Nicole Scivoletto
Karen M. Talamo
Aidan Sabine Tatar
Marlena Grace Wikander
M aster of A rts in Teaching
Elementary Education
Melissa Gabriella Adams
Theresa Marie Amabile
Ashley M. Anderson
Kristin Nicole Beaudet
Melanie Allison Chervin
Amanda Ashley Cianciola
Sarah Jannette Clark
Jessica Cutino
Taylor E. Dean
Adriana DeCarlo
Jessica Anne DeNicola
Cheniese B. Grayman
Amanda Jane Greenfield
Kerri Lynn Haerinck
Lauren Ashley Hasson
Aneta H. Klusak
Emily T. LaRonde
Michael Raymond Lenson
Michael John Maresca
Stephanie L. Marino
Lauren Elizabeth Matot
Caitlin Mae McGowan
Chelsea V. Morin
Brittany E. O’Connell
Bridget Emily O’Connor
Nicole Kristen Olsen
Molly E. O’Neill
Sunny Alexandra Pacilio
Rebecca A. Rice
Tara Elizabeth Rice
Allison Catherine Roesch
Andrea L. Schlesinger
Marie Theresa Schussler
Nina Dorrine Shewokis
Andrea Jacqueline Siclari
Stephanie Suzanne Stasiak
Vanessa Torres
Emily Rachael Vincent
Heather Vollero
M aster of Science
Teacher Leadership
Douglas J. Anton
Alisha N. Barry
Michael Alexander Barry
Onejda Dishnica
Maria Theresa Gaffney
Nancy Guillette Ihnat
Joseph A. Jacobs
Sean Kennedy
Lindsey E. Lucchesi
Mallorie Madden
Syeita Rhey
Catherine K. Sadlak
Benjamin E. Schloat
Stefan Michael Steiner
Tyler Harris Swatek-Carbone
Chelsea Erika Velma Usher
Allison Watras
Secondary Education
Michael Salvatore Alfano
Samantha Marie Austin
Shaquille Thomas Barksdale
Patricia M. Beaudoin
Alexander Victor Burgos
Jamie Lea Casuccio
Natalie Claire Daverio
Sixth-year Diploma
Educational Leadership
Elizabeth Kahn Alexander
Mark Anthony Alexander
Shannon P. Breaux
Melissa Caballero
Tamara L. DeCarter
Rosalyn Diaz-Ortiz
Anastasia Difedele-Dutton
Paul Fabbri
Salman B. Hamid
Paul Jones
Chrystal A. Lodovico
Andrew C. Long
Scott Thomas Macdowall
Robert Manghnani
Alison C. Matwiejczuk
Christopher J. McLean
Andrea C. Mendez-Orozco
Julie A. Murtagh
Crystal G. Perham
Kelly Watrous
Dana Zottoli
Subject to review of all curricular requirements,
degrees will be conferred upon all candidates who
meet the graduation requirements. Included in
today’s ceremony are students who received their
degrees in January 2015 and those who expect to
complete their academic requirements by May or
October 2015.
Quinnipiac University
uinnipiac is a dynamic, three-campus university where professors who want to
know students by name come to teach, and where students who want a personal,
challenging education come to learn.
Located in Hamden and North Haven, Connecticut, Quinnipiac’s top-rated academics,
low faculty-to-student ratio and Division I athletics are just some of the reasons why it is
consistently ranked among the best universities by U.S. News & World Report and The
Princeton Review. It is one of 89 universities to have both a law school and a medical
school with the opening of the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine in 2013, and
its Polling Institute is respected by media organizations around the globe.
Faculty members are experts in their fields and generous with their time. The University
prepares undergraduate and graduate students for success in business, communications,
engineering, health, education, law, medicine, nursing and the liberal arts and sciences.
More than 75 programs are offered to 6,500 undergraduate and 2,500 graduate students.
Our facilities are first-rate. Students simulate the buying and selling of stocks in the
Terry W. Goodwin ’67 Financial Technology Center, produce news packages in the
fully digital, high-definition broadcast studio and study how the human body moves in
the motion analysis laboratory.
Quinnipiac’s 250-acre Mount Carmel Campus, next to Sleeping Giant State Park,
contains academic buildings that primarily support undergraduate programs and
residence halls. The nearby 250-acre York Hill Campus houses the TD Bank Sports
Center, more residence halls, and the Rocky Top Student Center. A third 104-acre
campus in North Haven serves as home to all of the University’s graduate programs.
Throughout its rich history, Quinnipiac has remained true to its three core values:
high-quality academic programs, a student-oriented environment and a strong sense of
M ace
he mace—a symbol of authority—has antecedents in both Roman and Medieval
history. The Roman mace (fasces) was carried by a lictor before the chief magistrate
of the city, as well as before the legions. During the Middle Ages, the mace (mateola),
a weapon of war, became first a symbol of victory and then a symbol of authority.
The mace emblazoned with the Great Seal of England became a symbol of authority
in Parliament by the end of the 13th century. It is this form of the mace that was the
prototype of those symbols of authority, not only of legislative bodies, but also of cities
and universities.
In 1246, following some 20 years of strife, the University of Paris was finally conceded
the right to its own common seal. Since then, the use of the seal engraved on the
mace has come to symbolize the authority of the academic community. In July 2000,
Quinnipiac commissioned the noted sculptor Robert Meyer of Westport, Conn., to
design and execute a new mace that reflects our name change to Quinnipiac University.
Cast in bronze, the mace incorporates elements of the University seal.
The medallion (medal of office), like the mace and the seal, is also a symbol of
authority. It is possible that its roots may be traced back to the Roman “bulla” (a gold
amulet of honor). The obverse of the medallion shows the seal of the office the wearer
holds—in our case, the seal of the University. Not infrequently, the reverse would
show the personal seal or coat of arms of the bearer. Since the High Middle Ages, the
medallion has been worn by such officials as the chancellors of England, mayors of
cities, and rectors of universities, and came to signify the high personal position such
figures occupied in their respective governments.
During the Renaissance, medallion design reached unique artistic heights, and in
certain portraits the medallion was given particular prominence. The medallion is worn
by the University’s president. The Quinnipiac medal showcases the University seal,
sculpted in relief and cast in bronze.
University Mace Carrier
David Tomczyk
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Academic R egalia
he pageantry and dress of the academic procession have been inherited from the
medieval universities of the 11th and 12th centuries.
Academic life as we know it today began in the Middle Ages, first in the Church, then
in the guilds. The teaching guild was the guild of the Master of Arts, where Bachelor
was the apprentice of the Master, and the dress was the outward sign of privilege and
responsibility. Principal features of the academic dress are the gown, the cap and the
hood. Both Oxford and Cambridge universities, since the 15th century, have made
academic dress a matter of university control, even to its minor details, and have
repeatedly revised regulations. American universities agreed on a definite system in
1895. In 1932, the American Council on Education presented a revised code, which for
the most part, governs the style of academic dress today.
The Gown: The flowing gown comes from the 12th century. While it originally may
have been worn as protection against the cold of unheated buildings, today it has
become sym­bolic of the democracy of scholarship, for it covers any dress of rank or
social standing. It is black for all degrees, with pointed sleeves for the bachelor’s degree,
long closed sleeves with a slit at the arm or wrist for the master’s degree, and full bell
sleeves for the doctoral degree. Bachelor’s and master’s degree gowns have no trimming.
For the doctor’s degree the gown is faced down the front with velvet and has three bars
of velvet across the sleeves in the color distinctive of the faculty or discipline to which
the degree pertains.
The Cap: When Rome freed the slaves, they won the privilege of wearing caps.
The academic cap is a sign of freedom of scholarship and the responsibility and dignity
with which scholarship endows the wearer. Old poetry records the cap of scholarship as
square to symbolize the book.
The Hood: The hood is trimmed with one or more chevrons of a secondary color on
the ground of the primary color of the college. The color facing the hood denotes the
discipline represented by the degree. The color of the lining designates the college or
university from which the degree was granted.
The colors associated with the different disciplines are:
Arts, Letters,
Light Brown
Golden Yellow
Light Blue
Social Work
Citron Yellow
M arshals
Marshals for the Faculty
School of Communications
Iddrisu Awudu, PhD
Assistant Professor of Management
Ewa Callahan, PhD
Associate Professor of Communications
Nitish Patidar, PhD
Assistant Professor of Management
Kevin Convey, MA
Assistant Professor of Journalism
School of Business
Paul E.B. Gruhn, MDiv
Adjunct Faculty
Nelson U. Alino, PhD
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Antoneta Miorita Vanc, PhD
Assistant Professor of Public Relations
Surya Chelikani, PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance
Laura Willis, PhD
Assistant Professor of Public Relations
Mary M. Dunaway, PhD
Assistant Professor of Computer Information
School of Education
Monica L. Cavender, EdD
Assistant Professor of Education
Choonsik Lee, PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance
Jessica L. Devine, EdD
Assistant Professor of Education
Robert L. Porter, PhD
Associate Professor of Finance
Judith L. Falaro, JD
Adjunct Faculty
Robert Mayfield Yawson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Management
Mordechai Gordon, PhD
Professor of Education
Beth Larkins-Strathy, EdD
Associate Dean, School of Education
Christina M. Pavlak, PhD
Assistant Professor of Education
Quinnipiac University Administration
John L. Lahey, PhD
Kevin G. Basmadjian, PhD
Dean of the School of Education
Robert A. Smart, PhD
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Patrick J. Healy ’66, PhD
Senior Vice President for Finance
Jennifer Gerarda Brown, JD
Dean of the School of Law
Mark A. Thompson, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost
Kimberly D. Hartmann, PhD
Interim Dean of the School of Health Sciences
Lynn Mosher Bushnell, MA
Vice President for Public Affairs
Lee Kamlet, BA
Dean of the School of Communications
Monique Drucker, EdD
Vice President and Dean of Students
Bruce M. Koeppen, MD, PhD
Dean of the School of Medicine
Salvatore Filardi, MBA
Vice President for Facilities and Capital
Jean W. Lange, MSN, PhD
Dean of the School of Nursing
Jean L. Husted, MBA ’99
Vice President/Executive Associate to the
Matthew L. O’Connor, PhD
Dean of the School of Business
Ron Mason, MS
Vice President for Human Resources
Joan Isaac Mohr, MA
Vice President and Dean of Admissions
Mark Varholak, MBA
Associate Vice President for Budget and
Financial Planning
Donald J. Weinbach, BA
Vice President for Development and
Alumni Affairs
Quinnipiac University Board
Richard P. Howard, Chairman
Carlton L. Highsmith, Vice Chairman
David R. Nelson ’81, Vice Chairman
William C. Weldon ’71, Vice Chairman
John L. Lahey, PhD, President
Barbara Beever ’81, Secretary
Faculty and Student Representatives
Stephen Straub, PhD
Mohammad Elahee
Mostafa Elhaggar
Trustees Emeriti
Murray Lender ’50, Chairman Emeritus
A. Van H. Bernhard
Henry Chauncey Jr.
Eliot N. Jameson
Richard G. Kelley ’66, JD ’02
Frederick J. Mancheski
John F. Meuser ’59
Robert J. Narkis, Esq.
Donald L. Perlroth ’53
Edward L. Scalone ’50, ’52
Jean Slocum
William G. Spears
Agnes W. Timpson
Public Members
John C. Abella ’83
Alexander Alexiades ’59
John R. Antonino ’70
William L. Ayers Jr. ’70
Patrick Baumgarten ’73
Donald P. Calcagnini
Albert A. Canosa ’69
Debbie Casanova ’81
William D. Euille ’72
Tariq Farid
Patricia Farrell ’84
Gabriel Ferrucci ’65
Dennis P. Flanagan ’72
Terry W. Goodwin ’67
Robert J. Hauser Jr. ’67
Hugh F. Keefe, Esq. ’64
M.S. Koly
Marcus R. McCraven
Paula A. Moynahan, MD
Kenneth Neilson
Marybeth Noonan ’82
B. Waring Partridge
William T. Platt Jr. ’78
Arthur Rice, Esq. ’73
Christian Sauska Sr.
Richard Silver, Esq.
Eugene R. Singer ’69
Brian E. Spears, JD ’92
Mark Standish
Jennifer Torey