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My God Given Rights
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The Constitution Party of Texas
with Alfred Adask presents:
The Declaration of Independence and your God Given rights!
The Plan
I see nine steps to regaining control of our government,
restoring a "republican form of government" and the nation's
respect for God's sovereignty:
Step 1: Raise Awareness of the "republican form of government"
Step 2: Explain the fundamental principles of the "Declaration of
Step 3: Expose democracy.
Step 4. Present the Party Platform.
Step 5: Implement Proven Internet Technology.
Step 6: Organize Quickly for Election A.D. 2006.
Step 7: Organize for Election A.D. 2008.
Step 8: Maintain Complete openness and honesty.
Step 9: Encourage People's participation and modification of
Step One
Raise Awareness of the "republican form of government".
Raise the people's awareness that our Article 4 Section 4 of
the federal Constitution guarantees to the people of every
State a "republican form of government" as intended by the
Founding Fathers. This form of government dominated our
society until the New Deal of the 1930s.
My God Given Rights
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We can begin to show people the significance of the
"republican form of government" by asking, "Why are we
fighting, exhausting our wealth, and dying in Iraq to impose
"democracy"--a form of government which is not even
mentioned in our federal Constitution? If we must fight to
change another nation's form of government, why not
change it to the same "republican form" that's guaranteed
by our own federal Constitution?
The answer is that--under the guise of the 14th Amendment
of A.D. 1865, a "National Emergency" of A.D. 1933, and the
"New Deal" of A.D. 1934--our government has
surreptitiously and without constitutional authority
abandoned the "republican form of government" in order to
strip the American people of their most precious rights and
freedoms and lay the foundation for unlimited government.
This unconstitutional change from our guaranteed form of
government is treason against the Constitution and the
American people.
Step Two
Explain the fundamental principles of the "Declaration of
Show people that the "republican form of government"
(guaranteed at Article 4 Section 4 of the federal
Constitution) is based on the foundation principles declared
in the "Declaration of Independence" of A.D. 1776. Explain
that those principles require recognition of God's role as
sovereign over our lives and over our government. Show
that under the principles of the republican form of
government, there can be no "separation of church and
state," no abortion, no prohibition against school or public
prayer, no denial of each man's God-given rights.
My God Given Rights
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In broad strokes, the foundation principles of the
"Declaration of Independence" are these:
1) As per the Declaration's second sentence, each man and
woman is directly endowed by the God of the Bible with
"certain unalienable Rights" as an attribute of their creation.
2) As per the Declaration's third sentence, the primary duty
of government is to "secure" these God-given, unalienable
Rights to each man and woman;
3) As per the Declaration's fourth through sixth sentences,
whenever any form of government (including democracy)
becomes "destructive" of the people's unalienable Rights and
government's correlative duty to "secure" those rights, it is
the people's "right, it is their duty, to throw off such
The first two steps in establishing the Constitution Party are
pretty easy. Anyone who simply reads the relevant sections
of the "Declaration of Independence" and federal
Constitution will see that the first two steps are easily
understood and impossible to deny.
My God Given Rights
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Step Three
Expose democracy.
The third step will constitute the primary obstacle to
establishing the Constitution Party: To help the people to
understand the true nature of "democracy" and why that
form of government is anathema to the principles of the
"republican form of government" envisioned by our
Since the A.D. 1930s, the American people have been slowly
conditioned by government to accept and even cherish
democracy--even though not one man in 10,000
understands the true nature and consequences of that form
of government.
Educating people to the fundamental nature of democracy
will be challenging; it will require effort from both those who
teach these principles and those who would understand. But
that's all it requires: effort. You can learn everything you
need to know about democracy within 24 hours. The nature
of democracy is not hard to understand--but after 70 years
of conditioning by government, it is, at first, hard to believe.
Ordinarily, it would be virtually impossible to overcome the
people's current faith in democracy with mere secular
arguments. However, we will overcome the people's faith in
secular democracy with the power of the people's faith in
God. As you will learn, no one who truly believes in the God
of the Bible can support democracy. Conversely, anyone
who truly believes in the God of the Bible will be compelled
by their faith to demand and support a "republican form of
My God Given Rights
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The truth of democracy is this: it is an inherently atheistic
and collectivist form of government that is structurally
indistinguishable from communism and socialism.
Most people assume that the foundation of democracy is
universal right to vote. But that's not so. Virtually any form
of government can include voting. Voting itself is a
"democratic process" but is not proof of the existence of a
form of government called "democracy".
For example, even in monarchies, aristocracies, plutocracies,
communist dictatorships and even a "republican form of
government," people sometimes vote. But voting alone is
not evidence of a democracy.
The essence of a democracy is not that everyone gets to
vote, but rather that no one has any right--especially a Godgiven, unalienable Right--to resist the will of the majority.
For example, in a democracy, it's entirely possible for a
majority group of voters to lawfully vote to deprive an
individual or minority of their property, liberty or lives.
Why? Because the fundamental premise of a democracy is
that the collective (the mass of members) is the sovereign in
that society, while the individual (a perpetual minority) is
without right to resist the will of the collective (sovereign) as
expressed by the majority of voters in the most recent vote.
However, in a "republican form of government," no number
of voters could arbitrarily deprive even one individual of his
property, liberty or life. Why? Because under the
"republican form," it is self-evident that every man is
individually endowed by God with certain unalienable Rights.
What God has given me, no group of men can lawfully take
away. In a republican form of government, we are each
endowed by God with certain unalienable Rights in condition
that we don't violate our covenant with God. For example, if
you kill someone else, you will have forfeit your claim to
My God Given Rights
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your right to life and judge or jury can lawfully decide or
vote to execute you. However, if you haven't violated your
covenant with God by killing or robbing someone, etc.--and
thus forfeiting your claim to God-given, unalienable Rights-you can't be lawfully deprived of your property, liberty or life
even if 200 million American vote to do so.
In a democracy, you can be deprived of your property,
liberty or life without cause--based on the mere whim of the
majority of voters. If enough people don't like you because
of your race, age, gender, education, or your political or
spiritual beliefs--they can vote to take everything you've got
and based on the majority rules" principle, you have no
defense--even if you've done nothing wrong. If the forces of
government or media can drum up enough public sentiment
against you, you can be deprived of your rights simply
because you are unpopular.
On the other hand, in a "republican form of government,"
you can only be deprived of your property, liberty or life
based on cause. You must have done something wrong; you
must've violated God's covenant before any man or group
can deprive you of any of your rights. No matter how many
scream "crucify him!," you cannot be lawfully punished
unless you have actually committed a crime.
No one is safe in a democracy. No one can resist the will of
the collective. Being merely unpopular or even
misunderstood can be sufficient reason to suffer significant
But in a republican form of government, only those who
have committed actual crimes need fear the government or
their society.
We will show the people that democracy is functionally
indistinguishable from communism and socialism in that all
My God Given Rights
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three lawforms declare that the "collective"--the mass of
men and woman as a group rather than as individuals--is
the sovereign, and the individual members of the group are
mere subjects without any meaningful, individually-held
Under the "republican form of government," no one--not
your neighbor, your boss, your Congress or your President-has the right to deprive you of your God-given, unalienable
Rights. The existence of God-given, unalienable Rights
provides the basis for "limited government". Under the
Declaration and "republican form of government,"
government is absolutely prohibited from trespassing
against those individually-held, God-given, unalienable
It's estimated that 80% of the American people profess a
faith in the God of the Bible. If we demonstrate the
fundamental truth of democracy (that it is inherently
atheistic) to just one-quarter of the people who believe in
God, the Constitution Party will be as big as Republican or
Democratic parties--and it that growth can happen almost
overnight. Why? Because the force of the Constitution
Party is based on the the power of the people's faith in God
rather than secular politics.
Once those who believe in God understand that democracy
provides the foundation for no-fault divorce, abortion,
homosexual marriage, prohibition of school prayer, and
separation of church and state, they will abandon
democracy. Once those who believe in God understand that
the only way to a God-fearing nation is through the
"republican form of government" that's already guaranteed
by our Constitution, they will be compelled by their faith to
support the Constitution Party.
My God Given Rights
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Step Four
Present Party Platform.
In the summer of A.D. 2004, a friend of mine asked me to
help draft a platform for a third political party. I thought
about it and realized that virtually every modern party
platform is divisive. If a platform favors gun-control, it loses
the support of the 2nd Amendment advocates. If a platform
prohibits abortion, it will lose the support of the right to life
people. The more planks you have in your party platform,
the fewer supporters you're likely to find. This reality
probably explains why neither the Democrats nor the
Republicans do much to publicize their entire party platform.
They have party platforms, but they are mostly given a low
profile because they are more likely to alienate voters than
to attract them.
So it occurred to me that the most effective party platform
would be no platform at all--or at least no platform written
by any living man.
Therefore, the party platform for the Constitution Party is
simply the text and principles of the "Declaration of
Independence". These principles were primarily written by
Thomas Jefferson and undeniably comprise the foundation
for The United States of America. Although the American
people are almost totally ignorant of the principles declared
in that Declaration, those principles are still celebrated every
4th of July in America's single biggest, uniquely-American
holiday. That Declaration and inherent principles are still
part of the organic law of these United States. In other
words, the Declaration and its principles are still the law of
the land.
My God Given Rights
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Who can argue with our platform? What President,
Congressman or Judge can publicly deny the principles
espoused by the "Declaration of Independence" without
publicly admitting that American freedom is dead and
remains only as a cynical illusion?
Can the Republican Party criticize our platform? Can the
Democrats? No. Do you see the power in this platform? It
can't be denied, it can't be challenged, it can't be criticized
or condemned. No good American, no man or woman who
believes in God, no patriot who longs for the reestablishment
of the form of government and culture mandated by the
Founders can do anything but cheer our platform.
Who will stand up and say that the Constitution Party is
wrong and without legal foundation to demand the very
same principles and form of government espoused by the
Founding Fathers? Who will deny the "Declaration of
No one.
What competing political party can present a platform more
legitimate than ours? What competing political party can
present a platform more compelling and attractive the
American people? None.
We believe in the God of the Bible and the principles
established by our Founders. We offer nothing new with our
platform--except understanding of these principles and
understanding that they were established by our Founding
Fathers and are inherently Godly.
Who can stand against such principles in a nation where
80% of the people profess faith in God?
Do you see the power in this platform?
My God Given Rights
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Step Five
Implement Proven Internet Technology
Regardless of however persuasive or powerful our platform
may be, realistically, how can we expect to win against the
organized might of the Republicans or Democrats?
Admittedly, the challenge will be substantial, but the
technology to win already exists and had been proven to
As many of you recall, in A.D. 1998, Jesse "The Body"
Ventura--a professional wrestler-- running as a third-party
candidate astonished America when he was elected as
Governor of Minnesota. Jesse won in part because he had
charisma, national name recognition, and he was running
against Republican and Democratic nominees that failed to
inspire the people.
But Jesse won primarily because he implemented a political
campaign over the internet. Because his campaign was
primarily internet-based, it was inexpensive and easily
afforded by a man with considerably less resources that the
candidates of the two mainstream parties.
And Jesse won because he ran in an "off-year" election when
a lot of Republicans and Democrats--normally drawn in
massive numbers to the polls during presidential elections-often neglect to vote. Because the Republicans and
Democrats couldn't fully muster their "troops" during the
A.D. 1998 "off-year" election, it was much easily for Jesse
Ventura--backed by a group of dedicated supporters--to win
the election.
Thus, combine the internet and an off-year election, and
third party candidate can win and has done so.
My God Given Rights
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In the A.D. 2004 election, Howard Dean, the Governor of
Vermont sought the Democratic Party's presidential
nomination. Dean was one of the darkest "dark horses"
even to seek the presidency. Initially, his chances of
winning the Democratic nomination, let alone the
presidency, were dismissed as virtually impossible.
However, Dean hired Joe Trippi--an internet technology
consultant--to be his political campaign manager. Trippi
organized a revolutionary political campaign strategy that
was primarily implemented by the internet. The internet
strategy was inexpensive but nevertheless raised a
phenomenal amount of political campaign contributions. By
using the internet to appeal to disaffected voters who would
contribute $5 and $10 and $20 each, the Dean campaign
raised 640,000 supporters and $50 million in political
campaign contributions--more money than any other
Democratic candidate in history.
In the end, Dean was defeated by his alleged "scream" and
the national media's frenzy to discredit him and his
candidacy. Nevertheless, using the internet, Dean's
campaign came from nowhere to within a whisker of not
only winning the Democratic presidential nomination, but
also frightening the established political parties. The reason
Dean's campaign scared the professional politicians was that
Dean was able to directly reach the American people without
reliance on "fat cats" or established political party
structures. Dean's campaign signaled the death knell for
political control by the two main political parties.
In A.D. 2004, Joe Trippi wrote a book on the Dean campaign
entitled The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. This book
describes the internet technology used to (almost) grab the
Democratic nomination. If you're interested in running for
public office or if you are merely a student of American
politics, read Trippi's book.
My God Given Rights
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If you do, you'll see that Trippi predicts that in A.D. 2008
there will be a credible third party candidate for the
Presidency of the United States who at least comes close to
winning the White House. That candidate will base his
campaign on the internet.
Point: The technology to allow third-party candidates to win
the White House or local dog-catcher has been already
tested, proved and described.
The Constitution Party intends to implement the same
internet technology used by the Dean campaign. And we
believe that--driven by the powerful spiritual principles
found in the Declaration of Independence--we can attract
massive and sudden support from those Americans who
believe in the God of the Bible.
I'm not talking about establishing another third political
party where we can get together, gripe, and hope to win
some public office, somewhere, by A.D. 2030. I'm talking
about establishing a political party that can win elective
offices around the country and at least take a credible shot
at the White House in A.D. 2008.
This isn't pie in the sky. The technology to run and win
exists right now. If God is willing, we can combine the
principles of the Declaration of Independence with proven
internet technology, to become as big as the Democrats or
Republicans in less than four years. It can happen.
Step 6: Organize Quickly for Election A.D. 2006
I want hundreds--if not thousands--of Constitution Party
candidates to run for public offices. I want candidates who
believe in God to grab hold of this party's platform and run
their own campaigns for everything from dog catcher to
country commission to state representative to governor to
U.S. senator.
My God Given Rights
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These campaigns will depend primarily on reaching voters
who believe and God and showing them the ungodly nature
of democracy. Most candidates will probably fail in their
attempt to attract the support of those who believe in God.
No matter. Politics is a process, not an event. We take a
longer view. We plant seeds today to harvest later.
But, if we run enough candidates and if God is willing, we
might win 20 or 30 elections across the country. If we can
win 20 or 30 elections --even for dog-catcher--we would
prove that this party's foundation was sold and attractive to
the voters. We would establish political momentum going
into any future presidential election year.
As you've read, the technology exists and has been proven
whereby these multitudes of candidacies need not be
expensive or perhaps even time-consuming. A good website,
a solid understanding of the principles of this party, an
inclination to talk to others, and an opportunity to address
various church groups could be enough to cause some
candidates to win.
Remember, every other year is an "off-year" election. That
is, there is no presidential contest. In off-year elections
number of voters typically falls off. As a result, a motivated
minority can most easily seize public office during the "offyear" elections.
If we can find 100 candidates for the U.S. Congress, God
willing, I think we can get two or three elected. If we can
find 100 candidates for state legislatures, God willing, we
might get two or three elected. If we find 25 candidates for
the U.S. Senate--God willing--we just might get one or two
elected. It won't be easy, but it can be done.
Why? Because a party based on spiritual principles will
receive the support of almost 100% of its members at the
My God Given Rights
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polls while a party based on secular values can only expect
35 to 40% of its supporters to actually bother to vote in an
off-year election. If we can find and motivate enough to
those how believe in God to support this party, they will
show up on election day, and they will vote as an act of
spiritual obligation to God.
In a presidential election, only about 50% of the eligible
voters bother to vote. That mean the winning candidate can
be elected to office with the support of only 26% of the
eligible voters.
In an "off-year" (non-presidential) election, as little as 40%
of the eligible voters may actually turnout to vote. In a twoparty race, the winner need only receive the votes of about
21% of the eligible voters. In a three-party race, a candidate
could be elected with the votes of as little as 14% of the
eligible voters.
Think about it. Can you find 14% of the people in your area
who believe in God and can be helped to understand that
democracy is atheistic and collectivist? If you can reach just
14% who really believe in their faith, and if you can help
them understand how both the Republican and Democratic
parties have embraced an ungodly form of government for
over 70 years, they will be compelled by their faith to vote
for you.
Fourteen per cent. As little as 14% of the eligible voters
might be enough to actually win some elections. That's very
few. And it's doable.
And while the Republicans and Democrats must primarily
mine their votes from among the secular individuals who
already vote, over half of America's eligible voters usually
refuse to vote. But 80% of those non-voters believe in God.
How many of them might vote for the first time in years if
My God Given Rights
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they saw a candidate and party that was based in spiritual
principles rather than secular ambitions? Using the strategy
outlined here, you could reach and motivate voters who are
normally so disgusted by the political process that they
refuse to vote.
And if you could motivate some of those non-voters to get
vote, could you win an election? God willing, Yes.
But time is short. Modern election laws apparently require
that all candidates be signed up to run prior to December
31st of the prior election year. That means we have to
reach and inspire candidates every year and to seek
whatever signatures are required to put the Constitution
Party on various state ballots.
We must act quickly.
Step 7
Organize for Election A.D. 2008.
By A.D. 2008, we'll have had plenty of time to implement
the principles and technology of the Constitution Party. If
God is willing, we will win public offices throughout the USA
and we will make a credible run for the presidency of the
United States.
By A.D. 2008, we can push this entire country back to a
republican form of government and a recognition of God's
It can be done.
Step 8
Maintain Complete openness and honesty.
My God Given Rights
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There will be nothing sneaky or hidden about the
Constitution Party. We will openly publish our principles,
strategies and plans right here on the website for everyone
to see.
We will be open to public scrutiny because 1) we have
nothing to hide; and 2) the Republican and Democrats can't
emulate our strategies.
Once you grasp the potential power of the principles and
technology on which this party is built, you might be afraid
that the Republicans and Democrats can "steal" that power
and use it in their own parties. I see no threat of that
Both the Republicans and Democratic parties have embraced
the national democracy for over 70 years. Not one member
of either party has made a credible effort to warn the people
of the atheistic and collectivist nature of democracy. If
either of those parties would stand up now and expose
democracy as unconstitutional, who would believe them?
After 70 years of allowing the American people to be
stripped of their God-given, unalienable Rights, who would
believe a claim by the Republican or Democratic parties that
they were now going to stop that treason and reinstitute the
"republican form of government"?
In my estimation, the Republican and Democratic parties are
virtually incapable of admitting the problem with democracy
without admitting by implication that those parties have
been bound in persistent treason for 70 years.
Step 9
My God Given Rights
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Encourage People's participation and modification of
Except for using the "Declaration of Independence" as our
party platform, all of our strategies and tactics will be
subject to the control or commentary of the candidates and
supporters of this party. We won't even try to tell our
candidates what to say or do. As long as they first embrace
the principles found in the Declaration, they do whatever
they think is best to win election.
Similarly, if the people of this party find that the strategies
or explanations presented on this website are incomplete or
subject to improvement, they can submit their comments,
and we'll try to implement every improvement we are able
to understand.
Join with us at and let’s get started.
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