Warrantless Searches Assignment

Police Searches WITHOUT a Warrant
Question: When is it legal and acceptable for police to search a suspect
without first getting a warrant?
Answer: Do this assignment and find out!!!!
Using the 2 sided textbook photocopy as your resource:
1. Find the 8 types of legal warrant-less searches
2. Summarize each type in at least a sentence or so
3. Follow the directions below to complete this assignment…
The theme of this assignment is to learn about the 8 warrantless searches by
creating a 2 sided project. Put 4 types of searches on one side of a sheet of
paper and 4 types on the other side. After dividing each side into 4
quadrants, add the name of each type of search to the top of that quadrant.
Then write the sentence (or two) summary below the name of the legal
search. Finally, add a picture to accent and explain the type of legal search
you have summarized. Complete the reverse side similarly, but use the
remaining 4 terms.
*Do not simply copy something from the glossary or the text!! Read it,
understand it, and put it in a sentence or two of YOUR OWN WORDS.
Points will be deducted for those who simply copy.
This assignment is worth 15 points, but it is invaluable to your learning
about the justice system!