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2009 Petite Joie Boushey Vineyard Marsanne, Yakima Valley
This is a head-turning white. Brilliant golden colored, it emits aromas of honeydew melon, stone fruit, quince, crushed
almonds, mandarin orange peel, and jasmine flowers. On the palate, the texture is like an intricately woven tapestry of
lush, but not sweet, apricot and peach flavors interwoven with basaltic minerals, crème brulee, toasted almonds and a
recurrence of peach pit, all highly defined. The back and finish are stunning, showing counterpoints of citrus (grapefruit,
mandarin orange) against the stone fruits on a long, complex, forceful finish. (8/17/10) - 19.5/20 points.
This is the highest score I have awarded to a dry white wine so far.
2009 Au Contraire French Creek Vineyard Chardonnay, Yakima Valley
On the nose, this Chardonnay is strikingly Meursault-like with its aromas of apples, peach pit, pain grille and acacia
flowers. On the palate, the finely fruited, wet stone-tinged flavors give the wine a Chablis-like character. A lemony
tone underscores the wine’s minerality, along with notes of white peach and Bosc pear along with hint of creaminess
from partial malolactic and sur-lie aging. These elements linger on the beautifully balanced finish. This is a bargain at
the price. (8/17/10) - 19/20 points
2009 Soleil Olsen Vineyard Roussanne, Yakima Valley
This comes from a vineyard northeast of Prosser at about 1,300 feet in elevation. It shows a brilliant gold color and
wonderful aromatics of bosc pear, peach pit, litchi nuts, lemon custard, acacia flowers and cardamom, and wet stone.
The peach and apricot fruits are underlain with a stony minerality from the Missoula floods, along with grape skin
and orange peel extracts, all giving the wine a vigorous presence. The wine shows impeccable fruit-acid balance on a
seamless, spice-tinged finish. (8/17/10) - 19/20 points
2009 Jaja White Wine, Yakima Valley
“Jaja” is a southern French expression for a great everyday wine. Composed of 67% Roussanne, 28% Chardonnay and
5% Marsanne, it offers engaging aromas of green apple, star fruit, lilac and orange blossoms. The flavors are crisp and
lively on the palate, with notes of white peach, pear and melon. On the back, the wine picks up a hint of creaminess
from partial malolactic fermentation and sur lie aging. On the finish, wet stone tones and a tang of pineapple juice
add character. (8/17/10) - 18.5/20 points
This is the highest score I have given to a dry white for under $20.
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