Quent Mitchell Database Technology Coordinator Gibson Electric

Quent Mitchell
Database Technology Coordinator
Gibson Electric Membership Corporation
[email protected]
 Electromechanical
 kWh
Meter Readings, Peak Demand, kVA
 Manually
 Single
Reading Used To Bill Customer
 Smart
 kWh
Meter Readings, peak demand and
kVA readings, voltage readings, interval
usage, time of use, blink counts, etc. etc.
 Either
Manually Or Automatically
 Smart
Meters, cont.
 To
start, meters were read every day, but
only used a single kWh reading (and
possibly peak demand/kVA) for billing.
 Now, meters
are read multiple times per
day since we need interval data to bill.
 What
is a MDM?
• 1. Storage
• 2. Software to Manage the Stored Data
 Ability
to ‘clean’ data through:
• Validation - ensuring correctness
• Estimation - filling in gaps
• Editing - when you need to manually correct
 Member
Data Presentation
 In-depth Rate Studies
 Very Accurate System Load Studies
 Load Forecasting
 Demand Response
 Transformer Sizing
 Billing
Rate Change – Apr 2011
• How can we implement this new rate?
• Option 1 – Meter Changes
• Option 2 – Use a MDM to leverage existing data
Rate Change – Oct 2012
• Same challenges, same options
• Not missing reads is even more critical
 This
is only scratching the surface of a
MDM’s capabilities and possible uses.
MDM provides the means to give you
more value from your metering data.
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