Hammurabi's Code

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Hammurabi's Code
Locate a copy of Hammurabi's Code in order to answer the questions below. Be sure to
include the number(s) of the code(s) you cite as support for each of your answers. Do not
necessarily limit your answers to the space provided. (Use the reverse-side of this page if
you require additional space in which to write your answers.) When you are done,
construct a diagram of the social hierarchy of ancient Mesopotamia on the other side of
this page.
1. Why might it be hard to find someone to serve as a judge in early Akkadian society?
2. What examples can you cite that show religion had a dominant role in Akkad?
3. Why was the medical profession potentially lethal to the practitioner?
4. What was the penalty for kidnapping?
5. What was the predominant form of punishment for property theft? Why?
6. Do you think there were many pawn shops in ancient Akkad? Why/why not?
7. Were the people of ancient Akkad treated equally? Why/why not?
8. Why would a large part of Hammurabi's Code deal with regulating agricultural
9. A number of laws require throwing someone into the river as a means of determining
guilt or innocence, as well as a form of punishment. Why is that?