FEMALE MALE Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra

A headstrong
maverick, you thrive
on competition. First
on the block at
Ruled by the ‘love
goddess’ Venus, you
revel in closeness,
money and fine
Belgian chocolate.
With your love of
word-play, only those
who can seriously
tongue-twist will
satisfy you.
Ever so slightly
manipulative, your
desires wax and wane
like the moon’s
You’re a heartwarming friend and
flamboyant lover who
loathes betrayal.
Eccentrics turn you
Smart in intellect and
looks, you’re a babe
with brains... and a
body built for carnal
You’re artistic,
beautiful and creative,
but you often don’t
know what to do with
your talents.
You’re seductive and
extreme – a woman
who’s passionate
about men, money
and power.
You love the
differences in life.
Foreign guys and
exotic cultures turn
you on!
You’re a hard-hitting
go-getter. Nothing
pleases you more
than a man with
enterprise and
Friendship and love
go hand in hand. You
rarely let the two get
out of balance.
With the ability to tune
into a magical and
mystical world, you’re
a romantic with your
head in the clouds.
Both are gullible and
innocent so you peak
quickly. You need to
work at it to keep it
The way this macho
man drags his
knuckles on the floor
thrills the animal
inside of you. But
eventually you get fed
up with waiting.
A perfect match. This
solid and stable
relationship gives you
everything you’ll ever
need – orgasm after
orgasm !
Wear your heart on
your sleeve – he’s not
subtle and this wild
child shows you a real
wild time.
Caveman meets
Moon maid. Someone
has to be submissive
and it won’t be his
Burn, baby burn! He’s
hot to trot and so are
you. Sexually you
both fire on all
cylinders, but it may
not last
He’s brutish and
clumsy and his
instincts are basic,
while you are so
refined. Not exactly a
perfect pairing.
He swaggers in to
sweep you off your
feet. Give him
independence and
he’s yours.
He’s a forceful,
spunky he-man, fun to
be with. Even when
it’s a battle of wills, it’s
a challenge you
You’re both mad for it,
so foreplay goes out
the window as heated
passion takes over
time and time again.
Gallant and at the
same time clumsy,
he’s charming fumbler
but too competitive for
He’s ardent and
instinctive, but you
need intellectual
stimulation to get
Impatient to
demonstrate how hot
he is, you make him
sizzle with fiery fun!
He’s too possessive
for a social butterfly
like you. You need
brains, not brawn, to
get you going.
You like a man rich in
mind and wallet. His
ability to make love
and money with equal
gusto, turns you on.
You’re both stubborn.
Going beyond the
looking up-and-down
stage is rare.
You’re both
sensualists who love
tactile foreplay.
Getting physical is
pure pleasure.
Little luxuries go a
long way in keeping
this relationship sweet
in bed. Don’t forget
the chocolates.
You’re a “do-or-die”
king of girl. His
practicality calms your
extreme emotions, so
this is a perfect
Both have voracious
appetites for sex. He’s
a glutton for love, but
his stubborn streak
drives you mad!
You have an earthy
erotic affinity with the
tender Bull. His
romantic nature lulls
you into mutual
He’s hell-bent on
possessing you. But
you’re a prize catch,
not just another notch
on his bedpost
He’s completely
insatiable. With his
staying power, he
fulfils your dreams.
His chat-up is first-rate.
He’s clever too – bright
enough to spot a
money-spinner like you.
But it’s all too surface
to last.
Indulge your appetite
for love, food and
money. As a prelude to
sex, he makes a
candlelight dinner for
two. Tasty !
There’s never a dull
moment with double
twin signs. A lithe
writhe is also twice the
Catch this crafty fox if
you can. He’s fun, but
emotions make him flee
even faster.
This works!
Your both attention
lovers who go for a
quickie any time any
Yakety-yak! It’s difficult
for either one of you to
get a word in – never
mind a French kiss
Lip-lock heaven !
Kissing is a breather
from the chattering you
both love to do.
He’s a shallow puddle
and you’re deep and
mysterious. Rarely do
you find middle ground.
Erotomania !
Two hearts beat as one
to shake the bedroom
With a constantly
cosmic vibration
This crazy faddist lacks
the staying power for
the slow seduction you
You live in a world of
fantasy, he’s prone to
small talk – good for
media or advertisingindustry chicks only.
He’s a traditionalist who
needs cosseting in the
bedroom. You’re way
too hip for him.
You’ll live in a
gingerbread house with
lots of kids and live
happily ever after.
Domesticity isn’t your
strong point; loud
parties are. If he cares
for you after a soiree, it
might work.
Loyal, loving, good with
children and he
anticipates your next
move. You’ll love him.
It’s a business merger
as much as a marriage.
It can last if both
compromise in the bed
and out
Discover pure passion
with this nurturing soul
who longs for love.
Hold him close and he’ll
never let you go.
Nostalgia drives you
mad. He’s too nambypamby for a forward
thinker like you.
You work hard, so the
attraction of someone
who builds a cosy lovenest is irresistible.
A meeting of two minds
and bodies ! Insatiable
and curious, Gemini
demands a
conversation, then a
You’re at the vanguard
of a new age but he’s
too stuck in his old
ways for you.
Coming up with new
games, both of you
have a playful
approach to sex, which
gives love making a
fresh appeal
You’re a sensual lover
who requires full
attention. He’s to self obsessed to oblige.
Go places with this
handsome star and be
the babe in his arms.
He complements you.
You tend to fuss
around your honey,
which is why a loyal
Leo comes home to
You’re both incredibly
playful – more a photo
opportunity than a love
You can’t help but like
this loud and vulgar
show-off, for one night
Love rules! If he gives
as good as he gets,
you’ll be sipping from
an endless stream of
You’re a smokey-eyed
vixen. He’s a bit too
superficial to plumb the
depths with you.
If anyone sends you to
that sexual paradise,
it’s the lascivious thrill
seeker Leo
Hero-worship him and
he’s yours. He’s playful
but toys with your
Got the hots for this
fiery man? Idolise him
and you’ll soon be the
centre of his universe.
He’s a pleasure seeker.
You could indulge his
fantasies but you feel
too guilty to do it all the
Your ability to achieve
a “knock-out” is
astounding, but what’s
next once you’ve done
the deed? Not much,
we’re afraid.
The frenzy of this love
locked pair is over in a
flash, but you are soon
at it again quickly ! A
non-stop rollercoaster
of an affair.
Both of you rise to the
challenge. The
bedroom is a
battleground until the
affair reaches a crisis
A love letter and a
bouquet of flowers
charm your senses.
Get yourself ready for
2.4 kids!
Don’t ask “How was it
for you darling?” He’s
so critical that he lists
wrong moves not earth
He’s a puritan. GoGo
further than the
missionary position and
he’ll prove he’s a high
roller too.
Both are prone to
puritanical obsession,
like being locked in a
convent. Unlikely you’ll
bring out the animal in
each other. 
Not all that compatible
– He shyly fumbles in
the dark, but you like
your passion in full
Sensual moves are
central to this
partnership. He gives,
but trust is an issue.
You’ll talk a lot. But
he’s a nitpicker, and
you’re so laid-back.
You rarely agree.
He’s a devoted lover
who fancies the pants
off you. Good at
anatomy too – he spots
the “G” spot in seconds
Never satisfied with
anything, he’s exacting
and draws out your
rebellious streak.
With unfaltering
dedication, he aspires
to a perfect love with
Dream Girl. And that’s
You’re a love goddess,
and Libra melts when
faced with bare-naked
facts. So baby, take off
your dress.
Just how you like it.
Frivolous, flighty and
fun, a social and sexual
You need security while
he lives for art and
love. Works only with a
cosy home to beautify.
Rarely are you
embarrassed. Virgo,
though blushes hot pink
at the mention of sex,
so he rarely takes it
You both know what
matters: cocktails,
society weddings and
brunch in bed.
A happily balanced
team – matching PJs,
complementary slippers
and an ever-increasing
He trifles with most
things, including your
feelings. His vanity is a
Draw back your bow,
aim Cupid’s arrow to
his heart and be lovestruck forever.
Carnal knowledge is
this lady-killer’s
speciality. A contrary
sort – he’s not for you.
He’s hot and his
ceaseless attention
gives you a busy. Love
so electric, your skin
Few flirt quite as
professionally as Libra.
After a few passes
you’re all confused.
He’s sexy, strong and
deep and his staying
power is phenomenal.
Which is great for an
insatiable lover like
Fast talking gets you
into his bed. He’s
savage but too
secretive to satisfy.
Few are as deeply
passionate and
sexually fulfilling as you
two intimate souls.
He’s controlling and
you’re dominant. You’ll
only be his sex-kitten if
he gives in a little.
He’s a gorgeous Greek
god to die for, so you
can’t fault his looks or
brains, but he lacks the
earthy eroticism you
This is a captivating
match! Even your
earthy carnal lust does
not scare him – which
is why you are so
Bond girls meets 007 –
fun if you turn a blind
eye to James’ extracurricular activities.
Psychic powers give
this union a spooky,
telepathic connection.
You’re joined at the hip
Rage on! This sexy
beast makes your
blood boil but don’t
confuse anger with sex.
Magnet to steel! A
mutual fascination for
high power means
you’re both locked in
love. 
Although he’s an
Lothario, he’s tempting.
But be careful: his
jealous streak is scary.
His mission is to “seek
and destroy” (seek
erogenous zones and
destroy fears of
A great match.
Two fire signs are a
vigorous coupling.
What you lack in
debate you make up for
in stamina.
He loves hard and fast
with no commitment.
As you need security,
this is a short-lived
Intellectually and
physically you’re made
for each other – he’s
restless, you’re a flirt.
He’s a rover. You’re
loyal, so he always has
a fan at home. When
he gets home, that is.
Be sexy superstars
together forever !
Wear your twinkling
Tiara in bed and be the
queen of his heart
His straying makes you
hypercritical of his
lovemaking. Not a
gfood start.
An entertaining escort,
he’s good for a laugh –
but his wanderlust is
Freedom loving
Sagittarius frustrate
with their fly-by-nite
approach to sex.
Two blazing fireballs
use up a lot of oxygen.
Grab a breather before
you burn out!
With revolving doors in
his boudoir, his eye is
often on the next
floozy. A fun fling.
He’s so debauched –
an animal lover who is
game for you any time.
Then way his hands do
the talking, he’s
stimulating, but he
lacks tact.
Capricorn is a
taskmaster, and you
promise more than you
can deliver. A tricky
Mega sex ! Mega love !
You’ll pant for more
every time. This one
has staying power. Go
for it !
You’re fun and flighty;
he’s a straight man.
You may not give him
time to court you.
Respect him and in
return he’ll give you
everything you need –
security and love.
Not much hope of
scaling the brick wall to
get near his seat of
This realistic
relationship is pure and
simple – [purely
gorgeous, simply
Social climbing is his
thing. If he sees a
chance of a conquest,
he climbs into your bed
as well.
This competent lover
has agreeable
magnetism. He arouses
a lust made to last.
You look on the bright
side. His pessimism
unnerves you, when he
does his wolfish smirk !
Unable to resist his
courtly love, you give
mutual respect if not
your heart.
He’s smart – he sees
the genius in you, but
sadly he craves fame
and fortune before love.
He knows how to make
a woman feel feminine
and loved. And
together you make a
fairy-tale romance.
With your juvenile
sense of humour and
his quirky traits, this
works surprisingly well.
With a straight, logical
mind he’s too robotic
for a sensual creature
like you. Sadly, this one
doesn’t click.
A beautiful butterfly
lands on a mad
scientist; he studies
first, then loves you to
Forget it! He’s weird.
You’re wonderful. So
this combination rarely
has staying power.
A clever dick with
brains! He’ll stroke your
ego and flatter your
figure at the same time.
Your feet are on the
ground, while his head
is in the clouds. It’s rare
you can reach each
When two intellectuals
weigh up sexual organs
(that is your brain)
smarty pants unite.
With an all-or-nothing
attitude, you’re unlikely
to tolerate his need for
Sex is one big happy
experiment for you two
explorers, so kee
discovering new
positions to make it
Eccentric and quirky
behaviour is
endearing... until he
gets maniacal. A weird
Alpha man and Star girl
make a brilliant combo,
each giving the other
space to do their own
You’re a daydreamer,
he’s a total realist. This
affair has very limited
You can be too fast, too
furious and too bossy
for this man who
prefers a gal with a
sensitive touch.
You both like to drink to
loosen up, but if he is
too intoxicated, he’s a
disappointing lover.
You thirst for
experience. He thirsts
for Four X. You’re
vaguely curious to
decipher what his
intentions are.
You both understand
each other’s needs. A
truly cosmic
connection, dreamy
and lovely beyond
You’re hot for the
spotlight, but he’s
emotional and elusive.
You really need a
Cosmic! With him you
go beyond mere sex
and turn it into a
magical experience.
This enchanting fusion
fizzes with romantic
promise. But he’s a
dreamer so the bubble
could pop!
This intuitive man
knows how to send
tingles up and down
your spine. You’ll long
for his sensitive touch.
The chase thrills you.
Catching him is one
thing, but you tire of
him quickly.
To him, you’re a
desirable doll. Although
he’s alluring, he’s a
dreamer. Without your
support, he fades
away. 
Too sensitive! His
endless stream of
emotion is too difficult
for you to fathom. 
One wave of the magic
wand, and you two will
be bonking happily ever
Mr Muscle! He’s so
physical! Love him or
hate him, he’s a hero
and a rascal.
Well endowed (with
cash), he likes a simple
life – a treasure trove, a
vineyard and you to
keep him warm.
As you’d expect, there
are two sides to him:
one is craft and the
other skilful. He’ll try
anything twice.
The symbol for
Cancer is 69 on its
side, which tells you
everything you need
to know about his sex
He needs VIP
treatment before giving
over his affection.
When he does, he’s
generous to a fault.
He knows how to keep
youthful! Health, diet
and physical fitness are
all part of his selfimprovement plan.
Stylish, wit classic good
looks, he’s a perfect
gentleman but
He’s loaded! Love,
cash or sexual
magnetism-he’s got it
all. He’s intense and
dominant. Flirt with
Footloose and fancyfree, he’s adventurous
and loves to explore –
an inspiration to be
He’s paternal and
willing to shoulder
responsibilities. With an
eye on the main
chance, he’s ruthless.
Off-the-wall he may be,
but this idealist has
genius qualities. He’s
an original if sometimes
distant lover.
Enchanting, and with
enormous amounts of
faith in humanity and
love, he’s positively
When a Ram and Bull
get together, it’s a
truly horny affair.
Make sure you enjoy
the ride while it lasts!
Light-hearted banter
means you’ll enjoy a
good laugh between
the sheets. But that’s
about it.
Both of you are
ambitious, both want to
be top, both never
compromise. You’ve hit
a stalemate.
You’re both full of
emotions. Together you
create rapturous
waves, then sail away
on the sea of
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