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January 2015
home style trends
home style trends
Home style trends for 2015
promise to be more than trendy.
One could even call them
timeless… inspired as they are
by classic looks, comfy colors
and crowd-pleasing places.
But look for some unexpected
touches and a little style
reinvention in our top five trends
for the new year. A few of them
even reveal what happens when
timeless looks, colors and
places rub off on each other!
From sleek to woodsy, from
playful to hand-crafted… our
hottest style trends make this
year the perfect year to add a
room makeover to your
resolution list.
Baraga Dining
city style
Urban home décor is making some
smooth moves in 2015 thanks to
chic, modern trends at the high
end. Fluid and flattering, this trend
blends the glamour of polished
metals, marble and luminous glass
with the simplicity of quiet colors,
must-touch textiles and streamlined
The look is serene, suave and
stylish—and perfect for city
Baraga Home Office
2 www.ashleyfurniturehomestore.com
Chanella Dining
making it work...
Keep this streamlined look sleek and sultry with
understated colors and over-stated textures.
Combine monochromatic colors in grays or
browns with plenty of detail and texture. Contrast
simple, but expressive shapes with dramatic,
light-catching surfaces.
Marsha Table Lamps
Chanella Bedroom
January 2015 TrendWatch
neutral position
They’ve shaken their dull-and-boring reputation,
and neutral-colored rooms for 2015 boast a hot
formula. Both easy-going and elegant, the look
combines a love of layered light-and-dark
neutral tones (no bright color allowed!) with
a disregard for matched furniture. But don’t let
this low-key, on-the-fence approach fool you;
it’s powerfully harmonizing. An all-neutral color
formula is able to modernize a rustic cabinet
and tone down an Old World classic at the same
time—making them perfectly compatible.
Mallacar Sofa Table
This agreeable look is simultaneously subtle,
but stunning… casual, but luxurious.
Alenya Upholstery Group
Greensburg Bedroom
Vennilux Round End Table
Marsha Table Lamp
Tanshire Bedroom
Hindell Park Sofa
Burkesville Bedroom
making it work...
Tanshire Dining
To create this simple and
sophisticated look, avoid
color. Keep all the tones in
one of the neutral families—
warm browns and beiges,
or cooler grays with black
and white.
Natural, weathered or aged
materials enhance this look;
their textures come to life
without brighter color to
Stitched Comforter Set
Norma Table Lamp
January 2015 TrendWatch
Daystar Sofa
color therapy
No color symbolizes health (or daylight) quite as
well as white. But for 2015, this pristine hue’s
appeal owes also to its compatibility with colors
that share its light, pure, youthful quality. Promising
an airy, happy vibe worthy of a beach house, a
light – and bright - colored room brings a touch
of summer indoors, whatever the season.
Corson Sofa
This mix of luminescent, refreshing hues feels fresh
and free-spirited—especially when whites are mixed
with robin egg blues, apple greens and citrus fruit
Mirimyn Accent Chair
Arrowtown Server
Hindell Park Accent Chair
Ceramic Table Lamp
Penelope Pillows
Daystar Accent Chairs
making it work...
Choose a very light color
for walls and furniture to
create an atmospheric,
airy feeling. White walls
and white furniture are
especially magical. Like
a blank painter’s canvas,
they ensure brighter
colors ‘pop’. But reserve
your brightest colors
and zestiest patterns
for smaller pieces and
Corson Ottoman
Wall Art
Pillows & Throws
Shanilee Dining Table & Chairs
January 2015 TrendWatch
touch wood
It’s natural, warm and welcoming…
and wood is working its way
onto walls, floors, furniture and
accents in 2015. Mother Nature
would surely approve—especially
since this trend is based on
recycled and reclaimed wood
textures that look and feel
substantial, well-aged and full
of character.
High-touch rather than high tech,
wood promises cozy warmth in
both its grain and color. It’s also
versatile; at home in modern or
rustic interiors—and the perfect
mate to natural textures, nubby
textiles and weathered metals.
Freimore Dining
Shairmore Cocktail Table
Morandi Sofa
Nashburg Metal Bed
Birnalla Desk & Chair
Wesling Headboard
Freimore Dining
Wood Table Lamp
making it work...
Grainy woods look chunky and
substantial. Mix them with equally
substantial surfaces—heavy-grained
leathers and fabrics, textured
pillows and throws, stone, brick
and weathered metals.
Cladding walls with reclaimed wood
is ideal for this look— but if too much
to tackle, get the look using weathered
and grainy-textured furniture, pottery,
lamp bases and other accents.
Freimore Dining
Accent Throws
January 2015 TrendWatch
Accent Throws
globe trotter
Celebrating a love of travel and culture
in decor (...or just tapping your right
brain for a more artistic home) will
be popular again this year. It’ll also
be easier than ever to pull off this
one-of-a-kind look. Plenty of exotic,
ethnic and eclectic furnishings are
sure to get your creative juices flowing.
Oriel Accessory Set
For 2015, this warm, rustic style
welcomes earthier reds and browns,
along with fascinating artisan-inspired
accents that play up rustic textures
and hand-crafting.
Hedley Bench
Porter Home Office
North Shore Entertainment Unit
Crestwood Sofa
making it work...
Global style is all about
the details! Choose oneof-a-kind accents with
as much presence as
personality... and go
for the gusto with bold
textures, colors and scale.
Mix a variety of strong
textures (woven, carved,
mosaic) with zesty
patterns and colors that
are earthy, but strong.
Gayle Table Lamp
North Shore
January 2015 TrendWatch
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