Practice with a variety of sentence openers

Practice with a variety of sentence openers.
In the spaces between the sentences below, rewrite several of the sentence openers so that
this paragraph does not put readers to sleep with its incessant subject-verb-object sentence
Psychologists believe that color conveys emotional messages. Advertisers routinely
manipulate consumers using color psychology. The pure white backgrounds and bold primary
colors of detergent boxes are thought to influence buyers. Cleanliness and strength are
associated with those colors. Products for men often come in dark packages. Axe body spray
and various razor brands are often sold in black, dark red, or brown packages. Politicians are
often told to wear ties in blue or red. Those are seen as power colors. Female members of
Congress often appear in public in bold red jackets or dresses. Green is now a color associated
with natural, organic, or environmentally friendly causes. Marketers worked hard to develop a
new BP logo that incorporated green and yellow, colors associated with the sun and unblemished