Target Marketing Market Research: Target Marketing

Market Research: Target Marketing
Target Marketing
…customer intelligence that gives YOU an edge
What if you already knew the answers to all of the customer “pain”
questions before your sales person walked in the door?
Finding new customers is at the heart of everyone’s sales strategy. But
balancing the scale between spending time prospecting and spending time
closing business is the challenge most sales teams face.
Business Answers International has a team of dedicated industry
associates that can provide you with detailed information about the
potential customers in your market and/or geography that will allow your
sales team to spend more time CLOSING.
Features and Benefits
Know the areas of pain before the sales call
Understand how customer choose suppliers
Reveal true market share
Find the diamonds in the rough
Acquire new customers!
Through Business Answers International’s Target Marketing Program, we
will develop detailed data in a given market which will include insightful
information such as:
Primary suppliers
Total annual spending in targeted product categories
Typical order size and percentage of repeat orders
Willingness to change suppliers
Primary purchasing motivations
Pertinent contact info
Business Answers International has identified billions of dollars in
new business opportunities for clients. With an average return on
investment of over 1000%, target marketing will provide the details about
your marketplace that aren’t available anywhere else!
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