Dan St Romain Parent Workshop Flyer

Step Away…Avoiding Power Struggles
A session for families of children ages birth to 5 led by Dan St. Romain
As parents, our natural inclination is to discipline our children the way our
parents disciplined us. Unfortunately, these strategies are not as effective as
they once were. More and more parents are finding themselves locked in
power struggles with children, getting more frustrated each day. In this
active session, participants will gain a better understanding of how power
struggles occur, and learn the best strategies for avoiding them.
Reservations are required. Due to space limitations, we cannot honor
walk-ins. Additional information about parking and event logistics will be
shared when reservations are made. To make a reservation, please contact
Cassie at 402-436-1995. Reservations must be received no later than
Wednesday, September 23rd.
This event is sponsored by:
• Lincoln Public Schools • Lincoln Children’s Museum • Planning Region Team # 18
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