Environmental Movements in the Global South

Environmental Movements in the
Global South
Chapter 17
Consequences & Questions
• Describe the key differences between
“environmental movements” in the Global North
(including the U.S.) and the Global South.
• Globalization has both negative and positive
effects and potential for the environment – what
are these?
• What is could be or should be at the root of
solving “environmental & social conflicts?” in the
North and the South?
Differences between Environmentalism in
the Global North and in the Global South
1. Organizational structure and tactics. US
movement is considered “professionalized,”
Global South is based on volunteer labor.
2. Many southern struggles are struggles in
defense of economic livelihood.
3. Fundamental difference in the understanding
of how humans fit into nature. For the south
the environmental struggle is inseparable
from the struggle for social justice.
Grassroots Cases
• Asia: The Chipko Movement in India
• Africa: The Ogoni Resistance in Nigeria
• Latin America: The “Water War” in
Cohabamba, Bolivia